Rigers Balla is a guy having a big stock of diesel engines and parts,
I am  buying two om606NA pumps, aswell as a om648 oilpan + pump,


And the crazy om606 sleeper w114 on air built by Dan Reading has got some parts from Rigers Balla without any hazzle,

if you are looking to buy om606 or om603 parts, injectors, pumps, manifolds, gearboxes or other stuff.
Contact him


He is selling:

om606 injection pumps mechanical from om606.912 w124

om605 injection pumps mechanical from om606.912 w124

om606 and om605 oilpans

Alternator and starters from om606/om605, om603, om602

exhaust and intake manifolds from om606/om605 turbo

oilpump + oilpan from om648 for rear-mounted sump on inline six mercedes engines, om606 om603

Rack&Pinion from w210

om604 conversion kit with om601 inline pump, pump-sprocket wheel, vacuumpump and hard-lines

Oilfilter-mount from om603 and om606 with external oilcooler

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