Delivery from UK from Dan Monstercrawlers Reding of two om606.962 engines, supposed to be somewhat low-mileaged, aswell as had al extras still attached, manifolds, starters, alternator etc.

Will do compression testing, aswell as test start them to see that they behave as supposed, one might end up in a 1986 s124 and the other a w126 380SE with a headgasket leak and water down the oil.


Dan sent the engines from UK one one pallet, and the shipping was reasonable to, took about 1 week for the whole ordeal, delivered home to my place.

17 thoughts on “Delivery om606 engines from UK – Dan Monstercrawlers”

  1. How can I buy this OM606 engine, and is this ships to Sri Lanka? If so, how much is one engine? And I beed the complete engine with the wire harness and the computer box with engine control.

  2. Hi,we need 1 complete om606 engine. Can you supply it ? How mich? Shipment in italy. Thanks for the information,regards.

    1. not exporting or selling unfortunately, and if, shipping would be outrageous and hardly worth it,.

  3. Hi, you still selling OM606 engines? If so I need complete fan to flywheel, I’m in Australia.


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