w638 Vito 110D Immobilizer issue w638 110D

Vito w638 om601 110D immobilizer problems. Would start, glowplug light would stay on, and car would shut off after about 3 seconds. Would often start fine from cold, and would be able to drive for extended periods of time, but once ít was shut-off would not run again untill many hours later. First step was […]

w638 Vito 110D w638 Vito Westfalia 110D turbo

Start of project: Mercedes Vito Westfalia 110D w638 Need to fix prior to short roadtrip: Brakes – Atleast one caliper semi-stuck – Air Remove Immobilizer Front Speakers Stereo Wiper-blades Interior cleaner on all cloth/madresses Interwall-relay for wipers Try and get diesel-heater to work

w201 om605 6speed w201 Quaife diff

EDIT: The  QDF42B was not compatible with the 2.65 diff, but is for 3.07 and 3.27 gear ratio diffs. The QDF42B has a listed offset of 32.57mm, the QDF45B made for 2.87 diff has a offset of  28.69mm From quick measurement made the 2.65DIFF would have a measurement of about Todays delivery: QDF42B differential from […]

w201 om603 turbo+supercharger New parts

Engine: Bought a om603 engine picked up about 500km from home, the engine has previously been used with a 7.5mm Dieselmeken, but ran great and appears to be in good condition. Took a lot of searching before i was able to find a om603 engine in good condition. Also got a new head, so will […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Radiator-swap 2.5 turbo w201

  The old radiator of the 2.5D turbo w201 (201.128) started to leak quite a bit, there was no way to find a direct fit other than going straight to the dealer. A201 500 91 03 / A2015009103 is the part number, made by Mahle and fit perfectly. The w201 2.5D turbo and the w201 […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Speaker-upgrade w201

Swapped out the front 4″ 100mm speakers in the dash, aswell as built a closed box with two 8″ speakers for the rear-shelf. front speakers bought from FatmanCustoms https://fatmancustoms.se/produkt/helix-s-42c/ https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/helix/speakers/s-42c The HPF/LPF is set at 120hz, and the front Helix S-42C manages the midrange/midbase exceptionally well. The 8″ speakers in the rear-shelf with a custom-built […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Fuelstrainer

Had problem with the car accelerating. Would not rev past 2500/3000rpm without jerking violently. Removed the fueltank from the car along the fuelstrainer and was completely filled up with gunk/rust and dirt.   Cleaning out the tank and the fuelstrainer got rid of the jerking almost completely, every filter was swapped and we had to […]

s124 om606 turbo Turbo oilfeed om606NA

Building the daily, a s124 that has gotten a om606.912, fivespeed manual, and a turbo-manifold from a om606.962 Taking the oilfeed from the oilfilter, where the oilpressuresensor is connected, with the help of a t-part Oilfilter outlet for oilpressuresensor Hoses, connections and gauge bought from Hydroscand https://www.hydroscand.se/ Complete kit, modded stock oilfeed and turned 180degrees, filled […]

w123 om606 HX40 8mm Mynä Anti-jerk kit

EDIT: Have not been able to try this one out yet.   —-   Just got a package today from DPUK or dieselpumpuk.com and Luke Dale The 8mm Mynä pump has some problems with jerking, its not undriveable, but if inexperienced or if it has been a while since driving, the car will “jerk”, especially in […]

s124 om606 turbo Turbo conversion w124 om606NA

We have a s124 that now is equipped with a om606.912 engine and a manual transmission the 717.433 It is supposed to be used as something of a daily, and would benefit from some more power. removed the oilpan from the om606NA after a bit of struggle, we first lifted the engine at both the […]

w115 om616 240d Fuel strainer

The w115 had a tank hanging below the trunk, and have the fuel strainer hanging at the bottom (the same as the 911 (930) Porsche) The look and design of the filter is quite identical, where the only noticable difference between a gasoline fuel strainer from a w115 and the Porsche fuelstrainer was that the […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Monowiper w201

  Removal of monowiper is pretty straightforward, remove rubberseals at the side, to get to two of the total of four screws for the plastic that covers the monowipermechanism. Remove plastic cover, and the monowiper is fastened by a total of 3nuts and 2 screws My problem was the different connections monowiper w201 Since the […]

w115 om616 240d Swapped enginemount w115

Had some vibrations from the engine that planted itself in the chassi, and when you went over a bump you could feel the lump of metal moving around in the enginebay. Didnt feel to good. Swapped both sides and its what a noticable difference in height of the engine. will do the rear gearbox mount […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Trailer wiring/connector w124 / w201

The facelifted w201 2.5d had a realy bad 7-pin connector on the car for the trailer, tore that apart to put a new aluminium-version in instead, Still a 7-pin, Marking and color of wires of the old 7-pin trailer connector (from 12oclock clockwise 1/L Green 6/54 Red 5/58R Brown 4R Yellow 3/31 White 2/54G Empty/none […]

w115 om616 240d fuel level sensor w114+w115 – disassembly

Top right is ground Left bottom is W Right bottom is G The fuel level sensor didnt work, and jumped around the few times it gave a reading, dissembled the fuel level assembly by removing the bottom part the thing surrounding the fuel level “floater” came of. removed a bunch of dirt/fuel ressidue aswell as […]

w123 om602 turbo 7.5mm dieselmeken SOLD

bright sun, and not good whitebalance, tried on the 15″ hubcaps on 16″ steel rims, 7″ wide in the front 8″ wide in the back. Last picture of the vehicle in my possession, sold to someone living nearby so will probably spot it doing burnouts and drifting around corners.

s123 touring om605 722.6 Rack & pinion from w210 in a w123

Got some pictures from Brad over at Benzworld.org (1884benz) from when he installed a rack and pinion from a w210 in the same w123 he puts a LS1 engine in build thread here: http://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-hybrids/1774303-1982-300td-benz-lm7-4l60e-swap.html I am looking to go down the same route regarding stearing on both the s123 280TE with om605 aswell as the s123 200t […]

w123 om606 HX40 8mm Mynä Airfilter issue w123 om606 Super Hx40

The old AEM-dryflow doesnt do its thing anylonger, boost doesnt go above 1.7bar something, compared to old 3.4 something when new and without filter 3.7bar Testfitted a mushroom HKS Super Power Flow Mushroom filter, it behaved quite a lot better, and was back at atleast 3.2 bar of boost althout tracktion was a problem and didnt […]

w123 lang om617 dont drive on old unknown tires, hehehe

the w123 lang was finished enough, and garagespace needed, so moved 150km to storage, driven, anyhow, thought i could do that on the tires it was standing on, it was bumpy from the start, and about a 1/3 of the ride it was pure hell. luckily had a spare with me, a change and rest […]

w123 om606 HX40 8mm Mynä flexdisc/hardydisc failure

The flexdisc of the w123 om606 8mm mynä wasnt to happy, swapped it out for another old used one to keep the car roling, hope that it will keep together for atleast a couple of runs, ought to get the larger flange+flexdisc in place somewhere in the near future, but feels “unnecesary” to build a […]