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Differential gear-ratios, information, dissemblys+overhaul and how to mount and remove from various Mercedes-Benz vehicles


Bought a QDF42B differential to fit my 2.65 diff in my w201. Crown-wheel 1243530812 2.65 diff castnumber 1243434001 Wrong size/offset, and i  realised i had bought the wrong diff. Contacted James at www.birdsauto.com and got both help, information and some blueprints with measurements to compare with. QDF42B is for a 3.07 or 3.27 ratio 185mm […]

w201 om605 6speed w201 Quaife diff

EDIT: The  QDF42B was not compatible with the 2.65 diff, but is for 3.07 and 3.27 gear ratio diffs. The QDF42B has a listed offset of 32.57mm, the QDF45B made for 2.87 diff has a offset of  28.69mm From quick measurement made the 2.65DIFF would have a measurement of about Todays delivery: QDF42B differential from […]

w201 M103 turbo Final drive – how to change w201

This example is on a 190e 2.6, swapping the original 3.27 diff for one from a 2.3 16v with LSD (also 3.27). For a list of possible gear-ratios, check here: http://mbturbo.com/gear-ratios/   Start by loosening the exhaust and the metal protector going around the cardanshaft right in front of the differential. They are going to […]

3.07 differential w123 torn/used

Bought a 3.07 to put in a friends car, with what i was told a low mileage, about 250000km (low mileage to be a 300tdt w123) dont know if the oil has been neglected, started the regular cleanup, and was about to swap the sealrings/dichtrings: A0039978347 but i left it be, it will probably run […]