Diesel engines

w638 Vito 110D Immobilizer issue w638 110D

Vito w638 om601 110D immobilizer problems. Would start, glowplug light would stay on, and car would shut off after about 3 seconds. Would often start fine from cold, and would be able to drive for extended periods of time, but once ít was shut-off would not run again untill many hours later. First step was […]

w201 om603 turbo+supercharger New parts

Engine: Bought a om603 engine picked up about 500km from home, the engine has previously been used with a 7.5mm Dieselmeken, but ran great and appears to be in good condition. Took a lot of searching before i was able to find a om603 engine in good condition. Also got a new head, so will […]

s124 om606 turbo Turbo oilfeed om606NA

Building the daily, a s124 that has gotten a om606.912, fivespeed manual, and a turbo-manifold from a om606.962 Taking the oilfeed from the oilfilter, where the oilpressuresensor is connected, with the help of a t-part Oilfilter outlet for oilpressuresensor Hoses, connections and gauge bought from Hydroscand https://www.hydroscand.se/ Complete kit, modded stock oilfeed and turned 180degrees, filled […]

w123 om606 HX40 8mm Mynä Anti-jerk kit

EDIT: Have not been able to try this one out yet.   —-   Just got a package today from DPUK or dieselpumpuk.com and Luke Dale The 8mm Mynä pump has some problems with jerking, its not undriveable, but if inexperienced or if it has been a while since driving, the car will “jerk”, especially in […]

Delivery om606 engines from UK – Dan Monstercrawlers

Delivery from UK from Dan Monstercrawlers Reding of two om606.962 engines, supposed to be somewhat low-mileaged, aswell as had al extras still attached, manifolds, starters, alternator etc. Will do compression testing, aswell as test start them to see that they behave as supposed, one might end up in a 1986 s124 and the other a […]

Enginemounts – colour codes

Running into a problem with the enginemounts and what color codes they are supposed to have, and what these colors mean in therm of firmness/softness and load rating. looking at autodocs website they have a lot of different options, with different colormarkings. Throu EPC i looked up the stock “Engine Mounting” part numbers for a couple […]

Injector differences – mercedes diesel engines

Om615, om616 and om617 injectors prechamber injectors for the 2 valve om61x engines Pop pressure: naturaly aspirated engines 115 bar Turbo engines 135 bar om601, om602 and om603 prechamber injectors for the 2 valve om60x engines Pop pressure: naturaly aspirated engines 115 bar Turbo engines 135 bar om604, om605 and om606 Prechamber injectors for the […]

Differences between NA om602 and Turbo om602

Differences between OM602 NA and OM602 Turbo, according to FSM (most differences also apply to OM603) 1. Turbo head is “reinforced at the water jacket due to higher combustion pressures.” 2. Turbo head prechamber bore is 15 mm, NA is 14 mm. 3. Original NA head gasket had normal sheet steel reinforcing around the combustion […]