w123 om602 turbo 7.5mm dieselmeken

w123 manilla beige with a om602 turbo, Intercooler and 3.07 rearend

Yellow with 380 SE

w123 om602 turbo 7.5mm dieselmeken SOLD

bright sun, and not good whitebalance, tried on the 15″ hubcaps on 16″ steel rims, 7″ wide in the front 8″ wide in the back. Last picture of the vehicle in my possession, sold to someone living nearby so will probably spot it doing burnouts and drifting around corners.

w123 om602 turbo 7.5mm dieselmeken w123 om602 turbo

still got stock inlinepump and stock turbo, dialed up about 2.33 turns, enough to maintain a stable and fast return to idle. pulling a w126 380SE, 400km on a trailer that wheights 700kg, no problem even with the 3.07 rearend, scooting past the trucks fighting the hills easily doing 100km/h up steep hills with 0.6-0.7 […]