Parts supplier Rigers Balla

Rigers Balla is a guy having a big stock of diesel engines and parts, I am  buying two om606NA pumps, aswell as a om648 oilpan + pump,   And the crazy om606 sleeper w114 on air built by Dan Reading has got some parts from Rigers Balla without any hazzle, https://www.facebook.com/w114monstersleeper/ if you are looking […]

716 Sixspeed Gearboxes

The Sixspeed 716 series gearbox came first in the 210 chassis as far as i know, and the can be found in different versions in The Chassis: 210 E-Class 203 C.CLASS 163 ML 209 CLK 204 C-Class 204 GLK 211 E-Class 171 SLK 172 SLK 212 E-Class 207 E-Class 639 VITO VANS 901/2/3/4 SPRINTER VANS […]