Intake manifold

M103 manifold electronic injectors Converting the KJET intake of a M103 to use bosch style injectors turned out to be pretty easy!  Get a fuelrail from a M104 Grind down the intake a bit Done   Om606 m110 Turbo manifold  

w115 om616 240d Fuel strainer

The w115 had a tank hanging below the trunk, and have the fuel strainer hanging at the bottom (the same as the 911 (930) Porsche) The look and design of the filter is quite identical, where the only noticable difference between a gasoline fuel strainer from a w115 and the Porsche fuelstrainer was that the […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Monowiper w201

  Removal of monowiper is pretty straightforward, remove rubberseals at the side, to get to two of the total of four screws for the plastic that covers the monowipermechanism. Remove plastic cover, and the monowiper is fastened by a total of 3nuts and 2 screws My problem was the different connections monowiper w201 Since the […]

w115 om616 240d fuel level sensor w114+w115 – disassembly

Top right is ground Left bottom is W Right bottom is G The fuel level sensor didnt work, and jumped around the few times it gave a reading, dissembled the fuel level assembly by removing the bottom part the thing surrounding the fuel level “floater” came of. removed a bunch of dirt/fuel ressidue aswell as […]

w201 M103 turbo Loosen fan clutch and pulley

Start by getting the water and cooler of. This is very easily done by loosening the three bolts on each side of cooler-bar, by the headlights. There is also one screw in the center, down by the bumper. After this you loosen the hose going to the water coolant reserv and collect the water coming out into something. […]

w201 M103 turbo Final drive – how to change w201

This example is on a 190e 2.6, swapping the original 3.27 diff for one from a 2.3 16v with LSD (also 3.27). For a list of possible gear-ratios, check here:   Start by loosening the exhaust and the metal protector going around the cardanshaft right in front of the differential. They are going to […]

BMW E39 540 Winkfp guide program DME

Using Winkfp to program a DME with a different software   First of all you need a K+DCAN cable. Pin 7+8 in the OBD-connector need to be bridged if you are going to program a BMW manufactured before 2002. This is done to activate both of the K-bus lines used by the older cars. Pin […]

w140 S500 S500+S400 swap enginemount / motormount w140

Swapped the enginemount on the cars right side, the engine transplanted vibrations to the car when decelerating/enginebraking at about 50-60mph, not a nasty sound, but not something that should exist in a w140 The hardest part was to get the top 17mm bolt loose, one at the bottom was broken of (darn rust) but the […]

BMW E39 540 Engine swap m62b35 to m62b44, removal of old engine

Removed the driveshaft, gearbox, exhaust and loosened the engine harness from the chassis. We kept the AC-compressor “in the car” aswell as the headers on the engine, this turned out to be really tight. Had to remove the radiator, engine mounts, aswell as right side engine mount bracket (AC-pump to keep the pressure of the […]

BMW E39 540 Paint BMW magnesium valve covers m60/m62 engine

Valve cover gaskets are a weak spot on the M60/M62 engines, and before dropping the M62B44 into the 535i, the gaskets and all of the 24 rubber grommets were replaced. So I figured it was a perfect time to do some touch up on the paint. Old paint residue on the inside of the valve […]

M pump hard lines and linkage

If you gonna go 617 superturbo way you will need M pump. Below you can find hard lines pics and upper linkage pics. I marked lower bolts for easier mount. this one in particular is ready for “Sweden upgrade” and after is shipped to the guy in Canada.        

w126 Instrument cluster removal

due the weak/plastic gears in instrument cluster all w126 owners has the opportunity to play a bit with instrument clusters. removal can be done using special tool (some do use modified coat hangers) or simply by dismantling drivers speaker housing and pushing the cluster from behind.