Tiny-projects Carnordic Technology Malmö

Hade problem med ABS enhet på en s60, och fick väldigt god hjälp av Torbjörn på Carnordic Technology i Malmö. Både vad gäller att hitta rätt enhet efter att ha beställt fel, samt väldigt god kundservice. Kan rekommenderas

Tiny-projects Saab oilsludge problem oilpump filter

The oilpressure warning light started to flicker. Tried an oil-cleaner-additive to flush it out, no success, but rather more oilpressure problems. Removed the oilpan to see if the famous oil-sludge issue was the problem. The whole engine and oilpan had a thick black coating of oilsludge/oilresidues. The filter for the oilpump was badly clogged and […]

Tiny-projects headgasket swap m111 – corroded head

Heatproblems and water in the oil, the car was doomed for the scrapyard according to the first mechanics my friend asked, since they where going to charge him around 2000€ for the work removed the head by removing al things around it following the instructions in the instruction from Mercedes ,  I let the exhaust […]

Tiny-projects Rustbucket w116 450SEL om617

Bought a w116 for parts about a year ago, mostly for the 3.07 differential, drove it the 2 hours back home, had some ingenous solutions to problems. Its a pain in the ass to always swap the fuses, why not solder for a while and remove al that unnecesary trouble?   not much of a […]