w638 Vito 110D

Mercedes-Benz Westfalia Vito 110D Marco Polo
w638 with a turbo om601 engine

110DMMP 4X2 3000

w638 Vito 110D Immobilizer issue w638 110D

Vito w638 om601 110D immobilizer problems. Would start, glowplug light would stay on, and car would shut off after about 3 seconds. Would often start fine from cold, and would be able to drive for extended periods of time, but once ít was shut-off would not run again untill many hours later. First step was […]

w638 Vito 110D w638 Vito Westfalia 110D turbo

Start of project: Mercedes Vito Westfalia 110D w638 Need to fix prior to short roadtrip: Brakes – Atleast one caliper semi-stuck – Air Remove Immobilizer Front Speakers Stereo Wiper-blades Interior cleaner on all cloth/madresses Interwall-relay for wipers Try and get diesel-heater to work