w201 m111 turbo

w201 m111 turbo Swap rear wheelbearing w201

Old Wheelbearing   Remove the nut holding the driveshaft in place, the Large 34mm 12sprocket nut After that is loose, with a slidehammer get the hub of. Remove wheelhub Remove locking ring/ circlip holding the bearing in place so it wont pop out pull the bearing out remove old bearing parts from hub press the […]

w201 m111 turbo Exhaust manifold

Quite obvious it isnt straight, and where the leak(s) has been. It had massive cracks almost al over it, atleast 4 large ones, but untill resurfaced/planed it wont be quiet.. — Update: Got the manifold machined at RDB DynoTuning Uddevalla, aint got no problem anylonger with sound/leaks against the engine, the manifold looked like a […]