BMW E39 540

1997 BMW 535i e39 with an engine from a 735i now swapped for a 540 e39 engine, modifications on old engine was unknown, but the redline is a tad higher than stock, the same system now handles the 540 engine

Engine: swapped for a m62b44 540i engine
Rims: Y-Rondell 18″ – 10″ wide at the rear, 8.5″ at front
M5 dampers on all corners and M5 sway bars
Decked out with M-tech body work

bmw m62 e39 m62b44 install in e39 (1)

BMW E39 540 Diff bushing swap

  the bushings came out quite easy, but to get them back in was more of a pain in the ass, a bit of silicone lubrication and they finaly popped back in. Sort of reversed order vs getting them out in the pictures above, a set of 3/4 sockets came in handy. one bolt broke […]

BMW E39 540 Clutch+pressureplate swap

Standard fight to get the gearbox down, it was also a lot heavier than the fivespeed in the m64b44 swapped 535i e39 old vs new clutch   Swapped gearlinkage bushings also, makes a big difference for the feel of the shifter

BMW E39 540 Replaced upper timing chain cover gaskets

  Replaced the upper timing chain cover gaskets on my 540i, see 4 and 5 below.   I thought it would be a good time to replace them, since most of the other gaskets already had been replaced. Old ones were literally hard as plastic, with no rubber flexibility left in them whatsoever. They broke […]

BMW E39 540 Winkfp guide program DME

Using Winkfp to program a DME with a different software   First of all you need a K+DCAN cable. Pin 7+8 in the OBD-connector need to be bridged if you are going to program a BMW manufactured before 2002. This is done to activate both of the K-bus lines used by the older cars. Pin […]

BMW E39 540 INPA BMW E39 m62

Analog Values 1 INPA, Battery VOltage, Air intake, Engine Speed, Coolant temperature, Throttle potentiometer, load Analog values 2 INPA Lambda Sensor voltage and other values, adaption value smoothness values INPA e39 540i

BMW E39 540 535i E39 to 540i engine swap completed

Swapping over the old engine harness to the new engine. The new M62B44 originally came from a car with an auto transmission, and therefore some of the plugs and connectors differed from the ones in my manual 535i. Replacing the steering box with the new one out of an M5 E39. The steering ratio is quicker(3 […]

BMW E39 540 5 speed gearbox e39 535i – ZF S5D 320Z

Also found in the E36 328/E39 528/E36 M3 3.0 but with a different bellhousing than on my E39 535i 5 speed from 1997. ZF S5D 320Z has different oil depending on the label (apparently?), dont know why, but mine has the ATF fluid.  Swapped the old ATF that had roughly 370k km on it with 1.3 […]

BMW E39 540 Engine swap m62b35 to m62b44, removal of old engine

Removed the driveshaft, gearbox, exhaust and loosened the engine harness from the chassis. We kept the AC-compressor “in the car” aswell as the headers on the engine, this turned out to be really tight. Had to remove the radiator, engine mounts, aswell as right side engine mount bracket (AC-pump to keep the pressure of the […]

BMW E39 540 Paint BMW magnesium valve covers m60/m62 engine

Valve cover gaskets are a weak spot on the M60/M62 engines, and before dropping the M62B44 into the 535i, the gaskets and all of the 24 rubber grommets were replaced. So I figured it was a perfect time to do some touch up on the paint. Old paint residue on the inside of the valve […]

BMW E39 540 Make your own BMW tool 114180

Instead of buying the BMW tool 114180 we grinded a regular t60 socket down to be able to get throu to the flywheelbolts, dont use a t55 as these might (or rather will) destroy the bolthead. needed to do more than in this picture later on, this was just a tad to little, instead of buying […]