w201 om605 6speed

Build to be,
w201 2.6 that will get a om605 turbo 6speed and a 2.65 diff.

w201 om605 6speed w201 Quaife diff

Todays delivery: QDF42B differential from Thomson Motorsport – https://tomson.com.pl/ https://www.quaife.co.uk/ I will need to take the hubs for the driveshafts and have them run in a lathe to accomodate the clip that will hold them in place. From factory the driveshafts are fastened with circlips after inserting into the diff, but since the differential itself […]

w201 om605 6speed w201 om605turbo 6speed 270cdi

Factory delivery: w201 2.6 m103 Previous owner, Engdahlmotorsport who ran a m103 3.0 in it and before that https://brandtab.org/ who had it with a NA om605 Plan: om605turbo 6speed from a 220/270CDI Quaife 2.65 diff from 250DT w201 with a Kangaroos manifold, either for a t3 turbo, or their BMW VNT manifold https://www.thekangaroosteam.com/shop-1/om605-cast-iron-turbo-manifold-mercedes or https://www.thekangaroosteam.com/shop-1/om605-2260-vnt-manifold