s123 m275 v12 biturbo

Engine: V12 m275 from s600 w221
Power: 612whp
Fuel Consumption: this far unknown


v12 interior v12 m275 front v12 w123

s123 m275 v12 biturbo Watercut flanges – Teamtech Göteborg

Somewhat near us here in gothenburg is a company called Teamtech, that has helped me with both aluminium welding of a trailer, aswell as some fueltanks for an old Volvo truck. they have also made some flanges, aswell as triggerwheels to be used at future m103 swapps, hopefully in a w114 coupe. They have one […]

s123 m275 v12 biturbo fitting the engine, next try

testfitting the engine once again, planing and looking at options regarding enginemounts in the w123, would prefer atleast two per side to cope with the massive torque the engine has waterintercoolers in place, will probably reweld the inlet to those and put the blowofvalves directly there.     a tad larger turbo than i plan to […]

s123 m275 v12 biturbo Turbo and manifold problem

The turbo and manifold is in one piece, and just a few centimeters to large to fit in the car, instead of rebuilding the chassi, the plan is to weld new manifolds, and get another set of turbos, more work, but we will be able to fit the turbos we choose, and gain the same […]

# future projects s123 m275 v12 biturbo Start of build

Removal of old engine, a 200gasoline 5 speed in good condition, Did some measurments, the stearing will probably have to be rebuilt, other than that, no immediate problems… Edit: stearing seems to work fine, the manifolds and turbos needs to be changed thou.   the new engine, 50000km stage1 (?) m275 from a w220