w115 om616 240d

Top right is ground
Left bottom is W
Right bottom is G

The fuel level sensor didnt work, and jumped around the few times it gave a reading, dissembled the fuel level assembly by removing the bottom part the thing surrounding the fuel level “floater” came of.
removed a bunch of dirt/fuel ressidue aswell as cleaned it up, put back together it gave a lot better readings, althou it still tends to jump around a bit at lower fuellevels.


2 thoughts on “fuel level sensor w114+w115 – disassembly”

    1. think they are the same regardless of engine from what i have found.

      Althou it is possible that the fuel-level sensor differs, but that ought to be in regards of the hole that lets fuel pass into the sensor (since diesel is thicker)
      cant see why a EFI engine would differ.

      If you find any other info, or get pictures that differ from mine, please say if so and i can update the post

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