w638 Vito 110D

Vito w638 om601 110D immobilizer problems.

Would start, glowplug light would stay on, and car would shut off after about 3 seconds.
Would often start fine from cold, and would be able to drive for extended periods of time, but once ít was shut-off would not run again untill many hours later.

First step was to remove the magnetic valve from the fuelpump, i could reuse the connector, but the plastic hardline would not fit, ended up heating the plastic and cutting it of the connector, and putting a rubber-hose between both connectors instead.

Second step was to remove the immo unit,

Without this removed the glowplug would stay on constantly, two screws for the instrument cluster and one single box that was easy to unplug, after that, glowplug light behaved normal

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