w201 M103 turbo

Since winter is approaching and i nowdays drive around in an old Volvo to give the car some rest and spare it from rust,
I will start the ordeal of removing the oilpan, mounting the turbo manifold aswell as tuning the engine.

The stock gearbox will most likely not survive any boost at al, and even thou im going for a resonable power, i dont want to be stranded with a broken gearbox.

Bakaxeldelar a swedish company was my goto company, and i am in the process of shipping what is neccesary to them to get a complete kit for my m103 engine, i will most likely go for a Sachs 618 paired to a upgraded organic clutch.

A sachs 765 would be a stronger option, but since the car will be used as a daily, some commuting aswell as grocery trips by the lady, i would prefere something a bit more “easy” to manage.

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