w123 om602 turbo coupe

3.07 / 2.88 differential w116 /w123

A115 353 03 24 (A1153530324) thrust ring that sits in some of the differentials for example some of the 3.07 and 2.88 differentials from later w123s.

2.88 diff

get the center differential thingy loose, remove the crown-gear (isch)

get the -lock- out of the differental pinion shaft

changing thrust-rings

hammer out the pinionshaft

changing thrust-rings

rotate the gears slowly, to far and they might fall out.
(here i already got the new thrust rings in)

changing thrust-rings

go the other way around to get it back together…

Thrust Rings differential

old vs new thrust rings, these looked good, but since i had it apart, i might as well change them…

differential mercedes

the center reassembled and put back in the housing

differential mercedes

missed to take a picture of the bearing part, but that obviously goes in before the one above.

we modded a tool to be able to remove/put those back, they are strong, you will need a special tool for that part.

differential mercedes

differential mercedes

differential mercedes

differential mercedes



Part number of sealring/dichtring: A 003 997 83 47

differential mercedes

differential mercedes

yeah, i didnt clean the outside of the housing, since the car is oily and rustproofed underneath, that little dirt wont make any difference.


2.47 / 2.65LSD differential w116 / w126 gen1

parts rearend (3) parts rearend (2) parts rearend (1)

parts for a 2.47LSD rearend.

A 025 997 00 47 x1 seal ring
A 020 997 25 47 x2 seal ring
A 108 353 00 42 x1 Spacer bushing (thats the one you need to change when changing yoke)

after looking into it it seams it is the same parts for a 2.65LSD as a 2.47, but dont take my word on that

2.47 LSD differential


special tools

30mm special tool for flanges mercedes

30mm socket for the flange/yoke whatever on differential and some gearboxes, welded a lug on, drilled throu it so it could reach, and used a second socket on the lug..

7 thoughts on “Overhauling a differential”

  1. Hello Sir. I´ve read all your post. I am rebuilding my 123’s differential. I am very interesting in some parts I can not find in the Costa Rica’s MB Dealer.

    Could you give me some contact where I can buy the spacer bushing (A108 353 00 42), the spherical plastic washers (A 115 353 03 24) and the pinion’s lug (A 123 353 00 72)?

    Kind regards,

    Sergio Villalobos-Rojas

    1. Hello Sergio!
      glad to hear you have read the posts, hopefully they was of some use to? anything you missed? i usaly post after a long night of wrenching, so probably misses a few steps and tricks here and there.

      have you checked the EPC/WIS that its the same bushing and stuff for your differential?
      (ought to be thou)
      And are you shure your official MB-dealer cant send them? and it wasnt some jackass having a bad day?
      perhaps calling German Mercedes-benz could ship the stuff,
      If not i could probably help you, sounds wierd the dealer couldn’t get that stuff for you, Mercedes-benz seems to like and prioritize the guys keeping the oldtimers up and running, atleast in US/northern Europe.

      i found the shaft-bushing on ebay atleast, A1083530042

      and the pinion lug on amazon A1233530072
      febi ought to be a good make. althou i dont think you need to replace that, i never have atleast.

      if you cant get anyone to send them to you, i could check and hopefully help you with it, if so il check what the dealer will charge me for the stuff, and il post it down to you.

      what differential are you overhauling?

      if interested i could probably hook you up with a 3.07 or lower ratio from the US, have shipped 4 of those to myself, and even thou i “overhauled” two of them with the new stuff, they where low-mileage and silent.


  2. Any w123 low mileage/quiet/overhauled 3.07 or 2.88 diffs for sale?

    My 83 300D’s 3.07 whines quite a bit under load and I’d like to replace it.

    1. Depends on where you live?
      Got a friend i Sacramento, Garret Sowards that has hooked me up a few times, differentials in California isnt exactly cheap anylonger anyhow. buying a new front bearing and leaving it to a shop might be a good option.

      If interested i can send you his contact info, or atleast check if he has any.

    1. I dont fully understand the question, english isnt my native language, so i am sorry about that.
      but the pin clearance for the spider gears?

      are you talking about this clearence
      or the one between the gears and the pin?

      havent read or measured these, clearences, the pin have fitted snug on al my cars, and i havent felt the gear to me tumbling around in an alarming way around the pin.
      swapping the plastic bushings makes them fit tight, havent thought about any play to be honest.

  3. I just got a lsd out of a 450sel 6.9 at a junk yard and I wanna refresh/re seal it idk how worn out the lsd is there a guide anywhere that goes through the entire process of clutches being replaced besides just re sealing it

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