s124 om606 turbo

Building the daily, a s124 that has gotten a om606.912, fivespeed manual, and a turbo-manifold from a om606.962
Taking the oilfeed from the oilfilter, where the oilpressuresensor is connected, with the help of a t-part

Oilfilter outlet for oilpressuresensor

Hoses, connections and gauge bought from Hydroscand https://www.hydroscand.se/

Complete kit, modded stock oilfeed and turned 180degrees, filled with sand and bent with heat.

Oilflow-restrictor, oilpressure-outlet adapter with removable oilpressure gauge

modded stock oilfeed-line, will cut of stock threads, and use part bought from Hydroscand
Will build some “mount” to fixate the line to the head.

oilline is dragged behind the oilfilter, and wont touch any parts besides the engine.

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