w201 om605 6speed

The  QDF42B was not compatible with the 2.65 diff, but is for 3.07 and 3.27 gear ratio diffs.
The QDF42B has a listed offset of 32.57mm, the QDF45B made for 2.87 diff has a offset of  28.69mm
From quick measurement made the 2.65DIFF would have a measurement of about

Todays delivery:
QDF42B differential from Thomson Motorsport – https://tomson.com.pl/

I will need to take the hubs for the driveshafts and have them run in a lathe to accomodate the clip that will hold them in place.
From factory the driveshafts are fastened with circlips after inserting into the diff, but since the differential itself is “closed” one need to lathe a grove for the clips to sit in prior to inserting into the diff.

Diff was also delivered with new seals from Mercedes 022 997 98 47 64

Looking forward to see how this behaves on the road, paired with a 2.65 diff, a sixspeed gearbox and a om605 turbo it ought to make for quite some fun driving.
Im inclined to use a smaller turbo or the VNT manifold to get the bottom-end torque to kick out the rearend without much effort.

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