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  1. Hi

    Your tech support is great !

    I bought a 1982 280CE i wanna built with better performance. If I follow your indications, Gen 2 W126 rotors won’t fit 560SL calipers : too thick. Is it right ?


    1. i dont think the calipers would be a straight fit on the hub/front anyhow, but the diameter is another issue.
      w126gen2 calipers for 300mm discs wouldnt be supper efficient on 284mm r107 discs,

      Regarding thickness i would dare run the calipers on the r107 discs, aslong as you have new/good brakepads, the decreese in thickness, 27mm to 22mm (total of 5mm = 2.5mm/brakepad)

      new brakepads is a lot thicker than 2.5mm,and if it was a problem you wouldnt be able to run totaly worn out brakepads.
      althou, dont go for wornout discs.

      its might be possible, i would probably not do it anyhow, due to disc thickness difference.

  2. Hello,
    I have a quick question (or two). I have a ’75 w114 (280) and I was told that the 88 560sl front brakes would fit my car (spindle swap). I can’t find anything on the internet to back this up. My hope is to upgrade the stock brakes and possibly an LSD swap with mid 3.xx gears to support a mild (400hp) LSx swap i am planning. Is this a viable option for me? I would like to find a set of Penta s to fit the front brakes (16″?) as well. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
    If I am posting this question in the wrong place, I apologize. I couldn’t find a generic email or “contact us” spot.


    1. Hello there, no problem, we answer anywhere that works.

      The w115 and w123/w126 doesnt share the same front spindels, but the r107 and w114/w115 do share the same front end construction (double wishbone) in the earlier models atleast,

      i havent looked into this myself, and there doesnt seem to be a lot of other that have either.
      thats the best stuff i found, but the w126 he suggest for brakes have the calipers at the rear of the hub, while the w114/w115 have them at the front, hence – you would need to swap sides, left to right and right to left, to be able to properly bleed them…

      regarding differential, the 3.27 and 3.06/3.07 came with LSD, but with your build, a quaife diff might be a valid option, any housing from w116 or w126 would work on your car. and Quaife sells kits that supposedly work good with these houses. (if you cant find a stock LSD diff)

      il email you, and we can continue from there.

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