Volvo N7 Volvo N7 (N720)

Volvo N720 1978 7 liter 6 cylinder Diesel, TD70 Zetterberg-Tipper   Old Cylinder broken and leaking, managed to find a new one and looks to be in good condition, one gasket/seal is broken, but hopefully somewhat easy to swap/fix.


Benetton Formula 1 MOMO KBA 70116 Benetton Formula 1 Lorinser – Wooden/Leather mix About 375mm diameter MOMO KBA 70119 TYP MAL38   Momo – Wood 370mm About 370mm diameter MOMO KBA 70193 TYP AL38   Momo – Wood 350mm About 350mm diameter MOMO KBA 70195 TYP AL36 Momo – Leather 345×340 A bit “oval” and […]


Bought a QDF42B differential to fit my 2.65 diff in my w201. Crown-wheel 1243530812 2.65 diff castnumber 1243434001 Wrong size/offset, and i  realised i had bought the wrong diff. Contacted James at and got both help, information and some blueprints with measurements to compare with. QDF42B is for a 3.07 or 3.27 ratio 185mm […]

w638 Vito 110D w638 Vito Westfalia 110D turbo

Start of project: Mercedes Vito Westfalia 110D w638 Need to fix prior to short roadtrip: Brakes – Atleast one caliper semi-stuck – Air Remove Immobilizer Front Speakers Stereo Wiper-blades Interior cleaner on all cloth/madresses Interwall-relay for wipers Try and get diesel-heater to work

Vito “previous owner” fixes

It has been more than just a few times where ive looked at this car and contemplated the choice of project. Previous owners have used the “Cheap, good deal” type of mechanics. Besides m6/m8 bolts being torqued to atleast 150nm frequently, any problem seems to have been solved as quick as possible, and with least […]

Scania R143H Scania R143H 8×2 450

First look/testdrive of the Scania, leaking manifold, leaking air, a couple of 100kgs extra with gravel dirt and dust both inside and outside of cabin. But loads of torque and drove nice   Previous owner was a blaster/driller of mountain/stone, and hauled big equipment, dirty, oily and greasy, along with heaploads of stone-dust around the […]

s124 300TE s124 300TE

Checklist of fixes of the 300TE s124   Cursive = fixed High priority SLS-piping leaking Right-rear damper leaking left-rear damper leaking Medium priority Lube/fix sunroof assembly so it moves properly Weld rust-holes in rocker-panels weld rust-holes in floor/spare-tire compartment and other places. Adjust self-leveling adjustment a tad higher  New axleshafts/swap boot on left rear axleshaft […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Radiator-swap 2.5 turbo w201

  The old radiator of the 2.5D turbo w201 (201.128) started to leak quite a bit, there was no way to find a direct fit other than going straight to the dealer. A201 500 91 03 / A2015009103 is the part number, made by Mahle and fit perfectly. The w201 2.5D turbo and the w201 […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Speaker-upgrade w201

Swapped out the front 4″ 100mm speakers in the dash, aswell as built a closed box with two 8″ speakers for the rear-shelf. front speakers bought from FatmanCustoms The HPF/LPF is set at 120hz, and the front Helix S-42C manages the midrange/midbase exceptionally well. The 8″ speakers in the rear-shelf with a custom-built […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Fuelstrainer

Had problem with the car accelerating. Would not rev past 2500/3000rpm without jerking violently. Removed the fueltank from the car along the fuelstrainer and was completely filled up with gunk/rust and dirt.   Cleaning out the tank and the fuelstrainer got rid of the jerking almost completely, every filter was swapped and we had to […]


W201 Dragkrok w201 framskärm w201 w124 Drivaxlar w124 ASD diff Kränghämmare s124 (kombi 124, ska va typ 27/28mm tror jag) Dubbelmasselåda+kopplingskit inklusive svänghjul w124 Övrigt Kardan hel/del med 100mm medbringare (220cdi/270cdi/nyare w124 typ 280, parad med 2.87 diffen) Turbo om602/om603 oljeledningar turbo om602/om603      

w201 M103 turbo First startup M103 turbo

We did the first startup of the m103 turbo w201 yesterday. A bit of trouble with setting up the trigger-sensor correctly and had to play with the settings of the ECU, Megasquirt MS3X, Engdahl Motorsport both made us a start-map aswell as supported us on the go with some feedback regarding timing. The engine […]

Belt-dimensions Engines

m123 engine belts 1978/1979 m123 1978/1979 databook Mercedes states Belt A for alternator and waterpump 9.5×930 without clima9.5×960 with clima Belt B for powersteering 12.5×818 (as a replacement for earlier 12.5×825) Belt C for AC compressor 12.5×1285 Belt D for air-pump 9.5×825   M103 Without AC 2175

Tiny-projects Carnordic Technology Malmö

Hade problem med ABS enhet på en s60, och fick väldigt god hjälp av Torbjörn på Carnordic Technology i Malmö. Både vad gäller att hitta rätt enhet efter att ha beställt fel, samt väldigt god kundservice. Kan rekommenderas

Intake manifold

M103 manifold electronic injectors Converting the KJET intake of a M103 to use bosch style injectors turned out to be pretty easy!  Get a fuelrail from a M104 Grind down the intake a bit Done   Om606 m110 Turbo manifold  

Visit to Brandtab – Grästorp

Visited Brandtab in Grästorp to buy a driveshaft for the GS6-37DZ gearbox with the 105mm flexdisc bought from Brandtab had a shaft for a good price, and also offered us a quick walkthrou of the facilites, we discussed the possibility to mod in a e46 or e36 hub in a w201 with the […]

Tiny-projects Saab oilsludge problem oilpump filter

The oilpressure warning light started to flicker. Tried an oil-cleaner-additive to flush it out, no success, but rather more oilpressure problems. Removed the oilpan to see if the famous oil-sludge issue was the problem. The whole engine and oilpan had a thick black coating of oilsludge/oilresidues. The filter for the oilpump was badly clogged and […]

Mercedes-benz injection pumps

RS171 From om603.912 RS172 From om601 engine RS173 From om602 engine RS174 From om603 engine RS177 From om602 engine (turbo engine) RS178 from 3.5liter om603.97x engine 350SDL w140 RS203 From om606.910 engine       four cylinder pumps RS172 five cylinder pumps: RS173 RS177 six cylinder pumps: RS156 RS157 RS170 RS171 RS174 RS180 RS181 RS203

s124 om606 turbo Turbo conversion w124 om606NA

We have a s124 that now is equipped with a om606.912 engine and a manual transmission the 717.433 It is supposed to be used as something of a daily, and would benefit from some more power. removed the oilpan from the om606NA after a bit of struggle, we first lifted the engine at both the […]

Brake upgrade w114/w115

Been talking to the builder of the w114 om606 coupe with air-suspension (Dan) He feels he needs more stopping power, and got ahold of vented front discs for his w114 that i suspect are either from one r107 or perhaps a w126 gen1. Anyhow, have been thinking about the posibility to do the w126 […]