14″ on the car, 15″ hubcap somewhat in place on a 15″ rim


4 more 15″ steel rims for w123


15″ vs 14″



14 vs 15″



15″ hubcap measurment, its close to 16″ in diameter or 40.7mm something


the angle makes it look late it is further out than the end of the hubcap, it is a bit in the air, but the measurment is somewhat correct



15″ w126 numbered fuchs chromed, 15″ ATS
15″ hubcaps
14″ steel and 15″ Centra


the bluish at the top is the 15″ the rest 14″




10 thoughts on “15″ hubcaps and rims w123/w115”

  1. Hi there. In need of a set of 4 (or 5!) 16″ hubcaps to fit my 15″ rims. Please let me know if you have any for sale.

    1. not selling the hubcaps, but if i ought to price would be somewhere along 400euro + shipping, for it to be worth my time unfortunately,

      good luck, and hope you find a set on ebay or something else

  2. Hi I’m looking for a set of 15″ steel rims and hubcaps. Do you have any for sale at the moment?

    1. Nope, unfortunately not.
      if you live in Sweden i might be able to help you out with rims, the hubcaps on the other hand is not something i have for sale.
      and if found, they would probably go to Garret (dieselkraut) in Sacramento for al his extensive help with parts and support

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