s123 m275 v12 biturbo

2.47LSD on w123 v12 (2)

2.47LSD with large yoke/flange, swapped side of driveshafts, Left to right, and right to left. will probably have to rebuild the LSD-stuff, but will se how it behaves.
2.47 with the 722.6 should give me something along 1600rpm @100km/h and with the m275s insane torque, it wont be a problem with those low rpms.

will see what options i get with the 722.6 controller from Olefejer, i think lockup is only doable/advisable in fifth, and hopefully the slipp in torque converter will be so little that the 722.6 will behave deasent as a driftcar to.
the v12 m275 comes with the 722.6 stock, and its amongst the strongest versions of the 722.6 too :) i think equal to the AMG versions.

New 722.6 Gearbox in you old Car

2.47LSD on w123 v12 (1)

rear lid of the 2.47 differential

2.47LSD on w123 v12 (3)

in place under the car, with a w126 or w116 V8 cardanshaft il get to use a larger flexdisc and it will hopefully not fly away in pieces.

6 thoughts on “2.47LSD with 722.6 = 1600rpm @ 100km/h”

    1. i used the stock w123 driveshafts, no alterations whatsoever. but i do plan to keep the large yoke on this one. if you use the stock w123 cardanshaft/driveshaft, you need to swap the yoke/flange, wich if done properly is a bit more work.
      the differential is from a 380SE w126 from 1983, not al had LSD, but they dont seem that hard to find. are you looking for the LSD or the 2.47 part?

      put the exact same type of w126 2.47 LSD differential in another w123, swapped the yoke, and it worked perfectly. althou, its fast and high geared if you are running a manual gearbox
      will have to get everything else in place, so havent tested this yet.
      Megasquirt the engine, Ole Fejer controller for the gearbox aswell as cardanshaft, w126gen2 brakes etc etc.

  1. Part number?
    Have not heard about these here in the States and very few classic Mercedes in yards.
    Thank you in advance for any help.

  2. I also have a 2.47 LSD laying here. I’m driving now with an OM606 turbodiesel with Dieselmeken pump and 722.636 gearbox and Ole Fejer controller. Drives very good but I still have the Original 3.69 non LSD rear. So I’m hardly not using first gear and second gear only a few meters. And rpm on higher speeds is much too high. But what all do I need to do do make the 560SEC rear part fit?? I have the complete set with brakes and axles and sub frame etc from the 560SEC.

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