remove diff trunk w114 coupe (2) remove diff trunk w114 coupe (1)

Removed the old differential, started with the four bolts on top, a w114 coupe has a lot better room than a regular w114 or w115, the tad longer trunk makes a huge difference in that way you dont have to fight against the back of the rear-seats with the two inner nuts/bolts.
the pictures a bit down there show the tool needed on a normal w115 (something that will give me an angle) this was a lot easier.

3.69 differential w114 280CE (3)

3.69 differential w114 280CE (1) 3.69 differential w114 280CE (2)

The old 3.69 with a huge play in it, seems to have lived a harsh life. has been pressurewashed, and the axleshafts will get some new grease before being put back up along with the 3.07 diff

and dissembled i found the source, atleast most of the play

3.07 differential w123 swap A0039978347 (1)  3.07 differential w123 swap A0039978347 (2) 3.07 differential w123 swap A0039978347 (4) 3.07 differential w123 swap A0039978347 (5) 3.07 differential w123 swap A0039978347 (3)

3.07 differential w123 swap A0039978347 (6)

The new 3.07 differential that is about to get mated with the w114 280CE any day.
put in new seals A 003 997 83 47  but did not swap the thrustrings, most people dont, and these felt good, the diff is a low mileage one, and i swapped the sealrings just for the sake of it, there was no sign of leaks whatsoever on the differential.

3.07 differential w123 swap A0039978347 (7)

I also stumbled upon some problems with the exhaust, the fitment/alignment was a tad wierd, it was so tight that it could not move neither right nor left, and at the same time hit both sides repetadly, a source of some sound when driving without a doubt, will se what can be done to this

i could not get the rear part of the exhaust separate from the front, spent almost 2hours fighting with this, to later be able to get them up properly, gave up and had to get the differential and axleshafts/driveshafts down anyhow, althou a tad more work, not impossible at al.

bad fitment exhaust 280CE w114 (1) bad fitment exhaust 280CE w114 (2)



w114 w123 driveshafts 3.07 w123 differential clean assembly (1) 3.07 w123 differential clean assembly (4)

axleshafts/driveshafts cleaned and refurbished where they will go against the new seals, ventilation for the differential dissembled and cleaned of al the old gunk, and the washers i have left that is used as spacers for the correct installment of axleshafts

3.07 w123 differential clean assembly (3)

3.07 w123 differential clean assembly (5)

Cleaned, axleshafts installed and 1.1 liter hypoid diff oil filled.

3.07 w123 differential backplate

lid/backplate of the diff cleaned, sealing and about to be installed. will probably have to find another diff-mount since the old one seemed quite torn.

5 thoughts on “Montefeller’s w114 280CE – 3.69 to 3.07 differential swap”

  1. Hi,

    how the acceleration with the 3.07?
    But, how does it hold speed on the highway with it?
    I put a 4.46 in mine but have not driven it yet.
    Thanks much

    1. no problem whatsoever with a 3.07, heaploads of power extra to go fast and maintain speed.

  2. hi i am having a problem in my w202 c280 1995 auto.4 speeds — at the 4th gear at speed of 100km/hr the rpm is 3
    car differential Ratio is 3.67 — is it too high for 4 speeds car ?
    should i change it or there is a problem rather than diff.

    1. that rpm seems about right for that diff and that gearbox.

      you could swap the diff, id guess a 3.07 ratio or alike would still work wonders, with that engine and gearbox, it worked good on the old w114 in this post.

      and will lower your rpm, quite a bit, but still only about 15% so, 3000rpm will become 2550rpm.

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