2 thoughts on “450SLC 5.6 TT in 80km/h 3rd gear”

  1. hello my name is John! I was wondering if u could help me out? I wounding my engine M117 sohc! i’m going to supercharge it! I’m going to add the ATI D1SC! Could u tell me what EFI kit u used! and i want my pistons to be 7:5.1 is that ok or should i make the 8:1?? Could u tell me what i need to do to my engine to make it as powerful as it can get but i also need it to be a daily driver!!! Also what fuel injectors did u use!! thank you so much for your time!!!!! my number is ‘** My name is John!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!! IF I DONT ANSWER LEAVE A MESSAGE AND I WILL CALL U BACK THANKS AGAIN!

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