The Sixspeed 716 series gearbox came first in the 210 chassis as far as i know, and the can be found in different versions in

The Chassis:
210 E-Class
163 ML
209 CLK
204 C-Class
204 GLK
211 E-Class
171 SLK
172 SLK
212 E-Class
207 E-Class

They supposedly are of the follow versions.

716 sixspeed gearbox

13 thoughts on “716 Sixspeed Gearboxes”

  1. Hi there,
    I have a question about this 6 speed transmission. I need to know does it have a power speedometer cable or a wire speedometer cable and does it fit into W124 instrument panel.

    Thank you so much,
    Ramiz Morina

    1. it does not have a wire speedometer, and neither is it the same size as the 717.4 gearboxes, where this is slightly higher on most models, will get a picture and update tomorrow.
      i know people that had to do modifications to fit the gearbox in a w201, and think the same applies to the w124, besides the obvious build of a shifter and getting that to work properly

    1. in theory, althou you would need to make shure the gearbox is form a v-shaped engine, and i cant guarantee it would fit the e55 anyhow.
      the w210 came with the sixspeed 716. but they are different in size, so i cant guarantee it will fit straight away in the tunnel.

      (+ driveshaft, shiftermechanism etc)

      a valid option would perhaps be getting a gs653dz or alike from BMW and have that rewelded. its a stronger box, and might be worth it if going down that route.

      dont know what flywheel options you have.

  2. Hello, I own a S210 250 Turbo Diesel and it has manual 5 speed transmission and am considering a 6 speed swap. I was talking to a friend and shop owner about possible 6 speed swaps for better Fuel Consumption as well as highway cruising comfort. He told me that until the 2000s Mercedes never invested much into fitting the right transmission with the right engine and making all the right adjustments for a “perfect fit”. It was mostly getting a durable OM6xxx engine with a durable gearbox and voilà. Having said that which gearbox/diff combo would best fit this? I’ve been advised for anything with a ratio higher than 2.87. Possibly a 3.07 would be perfect match? I was looking into getting all this from a w210 220 CDI with 6 speed and 143hp (to match my 150hp) or even a w211 220 CDI that has exactly 150hp. Do you have any advice on such a swap? thank you!

  3. Hello, Does anybody know where I can find the gear ratio’s of the 716 gearboxes ? Many thanks & best regards, Luc

  4. Good day,

    Do maybe have any instructions on how to disassemble the gearbox?

    Kind Regards,

    1. i do not unfortunatelty
      id doubt it would be cost-effective thou, unless you live in the US, and access to sixspeeds are extremely rare.

  5. would you happen to know if the 716 is the transmission out of a 180C and if it has the corresponding bellhouse bolt pattern as the m103?

    I might be able to get a transmission out of a cl210 and Im looking for a suitable donor for my 89 C124 m103 300CE, do you suspect this to be a decent match?

    Thank you.

    1. if its from a straight engine it should fit, but speedo will be electrical aswell as other modifications, like flywheel trigger-points etc.

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