the 717.401 on one w123 aswell as the 717.430 in the yellow om602turbo both gave up, third gear and then loads of unhappy sounds.
They have been waiting 2 years, and 1 year separately, and thought id dissemble them to both see the difference between the 717.401 getrag and the more common 717.430
Some people claim that al 717 gearboxes basicly is the same, i havent dissasembled that many, but differences between the 717.401 and the 717.430 is obvious just at a quick look

They have different types of levers, and where the  717.401 has one larger openung on the side, the 717.430 has none, but one smal for the “lock” that makes shure not two gears are actuated at the same time.

717.401 to the left vs 717.430 to the right

717.401 dissasembly

the 717.401 getrag gearbox turned out to be a mayor pain in the ass, where the 717.430 came apart in about 20 minutes, the 401 is still not separated completely multiple hours later.

I Removed the yoke, with a modified socket, the problem is that the pin sticks to far out, and a 30mm socket wit a nut welded to it that has a large holed throu it solved my problem, an impact wrench on that 24mm nut and they came loose easy

with that removed and some minor bolts removed the innards showed. and i havent this far gotten much further.

  1. the oil look like some wierd raspberryjam, pink/red and very thick.

717.430 “end” vs 717.401
the 401 has a lot beafier bearings, and the gears have a lot thicker/beafer teeth, the assembly was also completetly different, both how the shifterlinkage worked, and how they are assembled,

my patience with the lumps of metal was enough for the 717.430 witch i have dissembled before, but the 717.401 didnt want to give up, and is today 6months later still stuck together

this is the cogs of the “rear” part of the 717.401, and as you can see they are a bit “sturdier”

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  1. Hi, I have a 717-430 trans here and Im looking for a rear cover part#A 124 2601616 .You wouldn’t happen to know of any one who may one for sale?Cheers! Ron B.

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