Been talking to the builder of the w114 om606 coupe with air-suspension (Dan)

He feels he needs more stopping power, and got ahold of vented front discs for his w114 that i suspect are either from one r107 or perhaps a w126 gen1.
Anyhow, have been thinking about the posibility to do the w126 gen2 brake upgrade on a w115/w114 myself.

One of the problems is that the caliper sit at the “rear” of the hub on a w123 (and w126) where the w115/w114 has it at the front.
one solution to this would be swapping the sides, Left->Right and Right->Left so they can be bled properly.

took some photos today to see how different the calipers where, and with eyesight it seems like a much doable project.
Dan Monstercrawler wants 4-pot calipers on his w114, but i cant motivate that extra work myself, and rather go for 12″ disc two-pot than 11″ four-pot. (if possible)

The dark one is a w115, and the other a w123

the big difference is that inlet of the brakehose, where the w115 is in the “middle” and the w123 at the “side”

Bad photo, but the holes line up


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