w126 SEC om605 turbo

Changed the springs from ultra-low oilpan scraping, squatting dog stance, to something more drivable,

sadly i dont have any pictures from before they where changed, but only one third of the wheels widht was in the ground at the back, and i feared that every dent in the asfalt could destroy the oilpan while driving home, you couldnt fit a coke-can laying down under the engine.

stock and the ones i trew away.
stock and the one i threw away.
w126 SEC with turboed om605NA and 2.47rearend
w126 SEC with 380SE springs, to high at the front, will solve that this spring


om605 turbo

om605 turbo

3 thoughts on “Changed the springs + pics of enginebay”

    1. the AC was removed totaly, so nothing to care about, most of the work made by a Gustav up in the northern parts of sweden.


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