BMW E39 540

Decided it was a good time to swap the steering box while the engine was out of the car. 3.8 vs 3 in ratio something. Having replaced all of the other components in the suspension over the years, a fresh steering box was the last missing part for that new car feel. And it made all the difference in the world. This should be a top priority for any 540-owner!


Servotronic valve e39 (3)

Yes, the retards at the junkyard cut the cables to the servotronic unit. Leaving us with no option other than disassemblying it to get something to solder on

Servotronic valve e39 (4)

These little fkers did not want to come lose. Not something you’d want to break either, considering a new servotronic unit costs more than twice of what I paid for the steering box

The two allen bolts are the long ones that hold the entire thing in place, the torx the ones that hold the lid. as expected the allens were the ones that were difficult, and the torx were easy in comparison.

Servotronic valve e39 (5)

Lots of heat, tapping with a hammer and WD40. The hammer is what finally won us the fight.

Servotronic valve e39 (6)

Tap where the allen bolt is, the torx bolts are short and only holds the lid in place.

Servotronic valve e39 (10)

Servotronic valve e39 (2)

Two allen and two torx. Made sure to put some anti seize when they went back.

Servotronic valve e39 (1)

The valve goes back in this order.

Servotronic valve e39 (8)

Servotronic valve e39 (7)

Servotronic valve e39 (9)

m5 stearingbox e39 535i 540 i

In the car

installing m5 stearingbox e39


2 thoughts on “Swap/retrofit steering box e39 535i to e39 m5 + servotronic disassembly”

  1. I’m trying to repair my own servotronic where the wires have rotted out and really need to solder it close to where yours was cut. Did you disassemble further? If so, how?

    1. no further dissasembly was done, no further dissasembly was done, some minor cutting at the end of the rubber, and soldering at what was coming out.

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