w201 M103 turbo

We did the first startup of the m103 turbo w201 yesterday.
A bit of trouble with setting up the trigger-sensor correctly and had to play with the settings of the ECU, Megasquirt MS3X, Engdahl Motorsport both made us a start-map aswell as supported us on the go with some feedback regarding timing.

The engine started, and all seemed good, but had quite a lot of smoke from the exhaust. Turned out that the S200 Schwitzer turbo was clogged and leaked a lot of oil down the pipe.
It was bought used, but supposedly renovated, but was full of burnt oil.

Brought it to turboservice here in Gothenburg and now its as good as new.

Also paid Team-Lovetap a quick visit to get some hose-clamps aswell as some looks at his new dry-sump oilpan from Nuke-Performance, we are not there performancewise, but nice to see new parts being made for the Mercedes engines.

Nuke Performance M104 dry sump oilpan
M104 dry-sump oilpan from Nuke-Performance




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