w123 om606 HX40 8mm Mynä

The flexdisc of the w123 om606 8mm mynä wasnt to happy, swapped it out for another old used one to keep the car roling, hope that it will keep together for atleast a couple of runs, ought to get the larger flange+flexdisc in place somewhere in the near future, but feels “unnecesary” to build a new cardanshaft before ive settled for a proper gearbox, it hasnt been more than a 200km driven since it was swapped last time

1234110015 problem, torn apart, failure

1234110015 torn apart

Flexdisc failure w123 superturbodiesel (2)

old used one put in place of the broken flexdisc

1234110015 failure, torn apart, problem

ontop of eachother



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