w201 M103 3.0

Had some problems with the frontbrakes, vibrations when braking more aggresive, not something that belongs on a Mercedes.
swapped the front discs for new ATE discs, and the difference was huge.

swapped both inner and outer tierods aswell as the part between them, made a huge difference in how tight the stearing felt, and i also adjusted them so that the stearingwheel was straight

Planing to do an adjustment and alignment at Tagene hjulinställning here in sweden


They do the alignments for among others the drifters in Team Lovetap here in Sweden and have a good reputation


The 294mm 4-pot front brakes from a 300CE / 300E w124 on my w201, a straight fit without any modifications besides some hammering on the dustshield


Swapped the balljoint earlier, but this was how it looked, and it makes it quite obvious if you look closely how important it is to mount it the correct way, the “hole” is supposed to be aimed straight inwards and out, and not at 10 o clock to 4 o clock.
If you look at 12oclock you can see how the “arm” of the balljoint has worn the isnide down a bit, and the ball itself had some damage at the same place aswell.

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