w123 om602 turbo 7.5mm dieselmeken

Flywheel w124 w201

Broke the third gear on the 717.430 gearbox after a long time of “abuse” from the om602 dieselmeken turbo engine.
The clutch has ‘never’ slipped, but the torque has been to big, and the clutchs springs hasnt been strong enought, resulting in a naughty noise at high-torque low rpms. found some metal part that came loose from the clutch to.

the 717.430 broke down during a normal third gear freeway acceleration, bought a new 717.412 from a om605NA w124, along with the flywheel and clutch+pressureplate.
both the old single-mass and new dualmass had a 220mm clutch, the old one a spring one, while the new one is solid.

even thou it was used, and had obvious signs of slippage, we decided to try it out, it had severe slippage the first 200km, and then “settled” and now runs perfectly,

The ride quality compared to the single-mass setup is huge, al the vibrations below 1500rpm, and other driveline shakes, noises etc are more or less totaly gone.
the om602 turbo c123 coupe has the same sounds, where below 1500rpm is undriveable, that car also has a singlemass setup.
the om605 turbo c126 runs smooth as fuck, and has a dualmass setup

slow pull in fifth gear, (with the 3.07 differential) aswell as a bit acceleration in third.

I know of other people with the same issue with vibrations, noises and shakes in the whole car below about 1500rpm, but with the dualmass setup they seem completetly gone for me atleast, highly recommended upgrade


Dualmass flywheel bolt Mercedes

The new bolts used on the dual-mass flywheel put in, this one from a om605NA w124.

Singlemass flywheel bolt Mercedes

Bolt for single-mass flywheel on a mercedes engine, in my case what was on the om602

One thought on “Gearbox+flywheel swap, singlemass to dualmass setup”

  1. I seem to recall there was a dual mass flywheel for some of the later OM616’s (never for OM617, though), but that could just be a severe case of the Mandela effect. If not, could somebody give me the part number for that?

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