Heatproblems and water in the oil, the car was doomed for the scrapyard according to the first mechanics my friend asked, since they where going to charge him around 2000€ for the work

removed the head by removing al things around it following the instructions in the instruction from Mercedes

I let the exhaust and inlet manifold stay in the car, and removed only the head, the pin holding the timing chain guiderail in place, used a socket and a bolt to drag it out, worked on this head, but had a m102 head where i ended up breaking the guiderail apart completely, removing the head, and then cutting the pin apart and removing it with the head removed from the engine

examined the head after having it resurfaced, one can see how much damage the corrosion has made, the thin line (outer) was where the headgasket would end, and that left us with only about 1mm of sealing lenght, not nearly enough.
Had the part that had corroded grinded down, and then welded new material in place, and resurfaced the head again, had to redo three times to get it perfect, and unfortunately didnt get a picture after it was done, but the engine has now run for three years, and many miles without as much as a hint of water in the oil.

when i had the head removed i put an electric engineheater in place since accessability was much better with the inlet manifold removed, the car is driven in the winter while the summer car is a S500 w140

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