Thinking one could never get to much light, and since i dont want to destroy the stock look of the vehicles with large ugly extra lights (the w123 looks best without these in my opinion)
I was thinking i could rebuild the headlight+foglights so that i have the regular h4 at the normal place, but instead of foglights i could lure good highbeams in there.

the reflector itself without the glass infront of it gives a kindof pencil-light lightspread, concentrated and pointy, but the glass spreads it in that wide, narrow beam of light…
so the problem right now is to figure a way out to grind/flatten the glass down, getting it smooth in front of the foglights, and then fitting a new reflector or perhaps even a LED-lamp in there from Fparts.se

Talking to Freddy at Fparts.se (that specialices in LED-lightning) about the options of LED clusters, he seems confident that it will give a good light that beats al other options.

starting of without the glass in front, but quite immediately puts the glass in front. going from a pointy light at the rim, to the wide narrow band.

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