LSD differentials, and how to tell?

everybody seems to be searching for LSD differentials for especially their w115, w123, w116 or w126, and so far noone ive stumbled upon knows how to tell it if it is an LSD by the outside if the tag somehow had been removed.

so, pictures, + some kind of serialnumber of the differentials.

3.69 w123

3.69 w123 differential

496328 3.69 no LSD from a 240d w123

3.46 w123


3.46 w123 differential
3.46 w123 differential 2

756812 3.46 no LSD from a 300d w123
830655 3.46 no LSD from a 300d w123

2.82 w126

2.82 w126 differential

341341 2.47 non LSD differential from a w126 500SE early model (1980 something)

2.65 w126

715609 2.65 LSD non Cat 560SE gen2

2.47 w126

2.47 LSD
2.47 LSD
2.47 w126 differential generation 2

419498 2.47 LSD differential from w126 380SE
559918 2.47 LSD differential from w126 380SE
453358 2.47 non LSD differential from a W126 380SEL
626220 2.47 LSD generation 2 differential from w126 unkown engine

2.24 w126

2.24 no LSD

426927 2.24 differential no LSD in this one, pulled from a euro 1984 500SEC

3.07 differential w123 used (2)

Location of diff ratio stamps on a w123, w115, w116 and w126/r107 up to 1985
The diffs 1985 and older has on this side, the differentials from 1986 and forward has on the oposite side (right)

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    1. yes, it will, althou you need to change the flange/yoke whatever you want to call it, (or change the driveshaft between gearbox and differential)
      besides that al you have to do is move your axleshafts from your old differential.

      to change the yoke you should torque tigthen it back, and change the spacer washer /crush washer witch requires some work, althou it might work straight away, but i wont guarantee anything.

        1. okay, but a w124 or w201 gearbox wont fit, the gearbox with overdrive for the om617 engine you have in your car has the starter on the right side, every newer gearbox the starter on the left.

          the bit more common fivespeeds are those in trucks vans or caravans that also had the 617engine…
          those wont be an overdrive in fifth, or atleast needs to be checked that they are. i think the layout of the shifter is different to.

          the differential change is way easier. or you could find the 3.07 or 2.88 from a 300TDT w123, those will fit straight away, and isnt to uncommon in the states, (if thats where you live)

          1. this transmission is coming from an european car, but your right I will first make sure that it does have overdrive, I already changed the rear differential I found from an 85 w123, it made a difference but not enough to bring the sound level down at 70 MPH.

  1. So if I’m understanding the info above correctly the diffs from these (w115, w116, w123, w124, w126, w201 ) would fit the r107?

    because I’m looking to add a LSD to my ’85 380sl.

    I recently converted it to EFI and might soon be adding a turbocharger.

    1. you cant fit a w201 on there, nor w124…

      w115, w116, w123 and w126… and since you want the LSD, its either w126 or w116 that might fill that need, the 450 6.9 had LSD and 2.65 and some w126 had LSD aswell, 500SE and 380SE in your case. in ratios 3.27, 2.82, 2.47 or 2.24, not al cars had LSD. not even the 500SEC…

      take a look under your car that you have the old type of differential, since its a 1985…. (just to be certain)

    1. i dont realy know how your ASR is set up, never dissembled a ASR diff, it probably isnt a LSD anyhow, ASR probably is hydraulic actuated “LSD” in the differential, but i’m not certain.

  2. Your have not mentioned the 2.65 LSD diff ratio found with the Euro W126 Gen2 560 300hp non Cat versions
    Not sure how the sequence works but i notice the stamping on the back of one of mine is 715609 2.65
    This is stamped on the bottom right corner in same place as the 2.24 and 2.47 and 2.82 are stamped.
    LSD versions always have that metal tag attached warning about LSD diff oil required.

    1. thanks!
      will put that in there, ive only taken the diffs i have myself, so will put that in there.

      i know about the tag, but have stumbled upon LSD differentials where it was removed, and i had to open to make shure it had LSD or not, (it had) it had been apart some time in the past, and the tag was removed..

      thats why i tried to find something in common besides the tag between LSD and non LSD.

  3. GREAT INFO ! .

    Any chance of a photo showing where on the diffy these numbers are stamped so I don’t have the clean too much to check ? .

    I just blew the diffy (oil leaked out,MY fault oops) in my ’84 U.S. Spec. 300CD – T and need to find a good used one , I’d like to match the current ratio if I can .

    THANK YOU ! .


    1. added a picture from another post,

      the benz diffs pre 1986 has on the left bottom side, besides the backplate,
      1986 and newer on the oposite right side.

      on the “ear” that sticks out.

    1. a LSD from a w116, r107 or w126 up to 1985 (not 1986 and after)
      the LSD differentials is somewhat uncommon, and one has to be lucky, ive had a lot of luck with 380SE w126 and their 2.47LSD

      “al” mercedes differentials from the w115, w116, r107, w123 and w126 fit between eachoterh up to 1985.
      they are different size, but that isnt a problem, the problem is the yoke, that differs from the straight engines and the v8s.
      but need to swap the flange/yoke to be able to fit the stock driveshaft.
      the v8 differentials have a bigger 110mm versus the 90mm found on the w114/w115.

  4. Hi,
    I have a Gen1 W126 300SD and would like to have a 2.85 final drive ratio with LSD in this car. Powertrain will be converted to M113K gas, a V8 and using 722.6 transmission. I have a 2.47 rear LSD diff unit from a 90 560SEL. can I use the Gen1 500SEL carrier with its pinion and ring but swap out the differential with the 2.47 LSD differential inside of the Gen1 500SEL carrier? As I understand the 500SEL carrier has the similar 8 bolt side covers as the Gen2 Differential. Can these certain components transfer over to the Gen1 Carrier? Thank you!

  5. Im after some advice as im new to the Benz world…I have a 1972 280e w114 i have fitted a ford turbo barra engine and a ford 4 speed btr auto box….I have the original differential 3.69 which works fine for now… But looking at what i can do as a bolt on in a Lsd preferably with the same ratio if possible …. Looking for something that will retro fit or if diff centers are available for existing…

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