BMW E39 540

BMW e39 swap of swaybar (2)

lift up the engine drop the subframe, and pry the fucker out of the alignment pins, was told it “might work” without doing that, but would have saved us atleast 1 hour of work and a lot of cursewors doing that straight away.

it is less prone to understeer, because you loose the positive camber on the outside wheel when the car rolls, seems more stable, and a tad stiffer on uneven bumps.

this is the guide we followed,

and this is the guide that mentioned the alignment pins


BMW e39 swap of swaybar (1)

New vs old, left one is the new m5 swaybar vs the old 535,

27mm vs 24.5



BMW e39 bad motor mount

yeah, that totaly dropped down straight on my face, that isnt how its supposed to look right?

two new enginemounts bought and about to be installed, the one above was totaly crap, and the other one leaked oil when we lifted the engine.

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