BMW E39 540

Valve cover gaskets are a weak spot on the M60/M62 engines, and before dropping the M62B44 into the 535i, the gaskets and all of the 24 rubber grommets were replaced. So I figured it was a perfect time to do some touch up on the paint.

paint valvecover m60 m62 (1)

Old paint residue on the inside of the valve cover, don’t know why they are painted on the inside, but that gunk has hopefully only made it to the oil filter

paint valvecover m60 m62 (2) paint valvecover m60 m62 (3) paint valvecover m60 m62 (4)

paint valvecover m60 m62 (5)

paint valvecover m60 m62 (6)
Sandblastered and cleaned with acetone.

Valvecover m62 m60 painted (2)

An etching primer and then a wrinkle finish paint on top of that for a somewhat stock look.

paint valvecover m60 m62 (7) Valvecover m62 m60 painted (1)

Swapped all the seals while at it, hopefully a somewhat not oily engine.

Valvecover m62 m60 painted (3)

In place, the old m62b35 and the new m62b44 supposed to take its place in the E39.

3 thoughts on “Paint BMW magnesium valve covers m60/m62 engine”

  1. These look great, what wrinkle coat did you use? I can only find grey for VHT Wrinkle Plus coating.

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