Porsche 930 (911)

Porsche930 1982

This car didnt start 10 years ago, the front fuelpump was diagnosed as the fault but nothing was done.

replaced today with a 044 copy, that fit perfect, had to clamp new ring-terminals on there to fit the different sizes the new pump had (upped one size) to m5 and m6.

also emptied the fueltank of old nasty gasoline, removed the in-tank fuelfilter/fueltank screen at the bottom with the same special tool that i use for Mercedes in-tank fuelfilters on the w114/w115 and w123 chassies,

intank fuelfilters w114 w115 w123 and Porsche

the mesh looked the same to me compared to the mercedes w115 filter from a gasser i had, the diesels have a much larger mesh, so those from a diesel wont be a replacement if yours is broken, but mercedes gassers is a valid option for a cheap replacement compared to what i would guess a new filter would cost from your Porsche dealer (i might be wrong)

the A 210 470 05 06 is the dieselfuelfilter number, so dont order that for your porsche

intank fuelfilter tool for Porshe and Mercedes w115 w114 (2)

22mm m14 bolt with two lugs, and later on one lug welded in place

intank fuelfilter tool for Porshe and Mercedes w115 w114 (3)

the tool needed to remove the in-tank fuelfilter/fuel tank screen, of older Mercedes-Benz like the w123 touring, and the w115 and w114, the same aplies for w111 and w110 and other old cars to i presume.

intank fuelfilter tool for Porshe and Mercedes w115 w114 (1)

the reason i welded it together was that the filter was so damn tight i twisted the lugs loose repetedly, so i simply welded one of the lugs to the bolt and had enough force to pry the fuelfilter loose with a 22mm socket and a 1m long socketwrench for proper torque (it was crazy tight, almost so i wondered if i would bend the fueltank.

anyhow, the pump came in place, the in-tank fuelfilter cleaned of al the debris (rust and whatever accumulates in a fueltank over 33 years) the fuelpump is not properly fastened yet, but will try and get the car started and look for leaks before i do that, it builds pressure and i got the car to ignite and idle for atleast a couple of seconds,

the rotor+distributor cap looked like crap after i took it apart, cleaned, and pappered the corrosion away,

Porsche 930 rotor (1)

Porsche 930 rotor (2)

the cleaning of the rotor helped a bit but still havent gotten the engine running for more than a few seconds, another shot tomorrow

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