Massey Ferguson 35

Drop a comment with your email, and i will email a link to the manual to you as soon as possible
the Hydraulic system can be found under section L in manual

My grandfathers old Massey Fergusson 35 has worked without any real maintence since he bought it back in the 1960s,

father got the block welded after it stod outside one winter without anti-frost in the water, anyhow, a couple of years back the hydraulics didnt go down, lifted to the top and stayed there.

it has been standing for a couple of years, a few minor atempts to fix, but nothing serious. this summer it was time.

found a workshop-manual, service manual whatever one chooses to call them, it helped me a lot in doing this operation.

Drop a comment with your email, and i will email a link to the manual to you as soon as possible
the Hydraulic system can be found under section L in manual

some people said something about the linkage popping out, couldnt find any problem there, and honestly, i didnt do any of these disconecting linkage etc that people kept talking about who supposedly knew a lot about it. so dont worry if you dont find anything to disconnect.

Finding the problem:

removed the cover/dipstick cover on the right side of the tractor, and couldnt see any disconnected linkages or problems, tried finding a problem and drained the “gearbox” partialy and managed to get my hand down and feel around, i aimed for the controlvalve to see if i could find it, and figure out how it was supposed to behave, something that seemed reasonable after finding this fault table for the mf35 hydraulics in the service manual


i found the control-valve thing that “sticks out” of the pump, and yep, it didnt push out at al if i could find it at al, (rested inside the pump)

so of we go and start dismantling everything and try to get the hydraulicpump out.

the servicemanual linked earlier was very helpfull with that, it is quite straightforward to be honest.

  • remove seat
  • remove any dust so you dont get that down in the transmission/hydraulics
  • drain the hydraulic oil

and in the next step of the service manual i stumbled upon something that later left me showered in hydraulic oil…
if you remove the “oil transfer cap” and with that the standpipe, any sudden moves with the arms at the back of the tractor might result in a 3 meter high fountain of hydraulic-oil, so dont remove the transfercap untill you are actually going to lift the cover.
or perhaps, remove it and lift and lower the arms a few times so you get al oil out of the “piston”, if not, you will probably get the same shower i did, but when fighting with the god-awfull heavy cover

  • the cover is a heavy peace of metal, so you better get a neighbor or another person to help with that.
  • after that the service manual is pretty straightforward..
  • i didnt figure out what they meant by 3 screws that secures the PTObearing at the rear of the housing, turned out it was the rear of the whole housing and not just down the hole i looked at the hydraulicpump, it is at the acctual rear of the tractor.

MF35 hydraulics (1)

empty housing without anything, looking in from the right of the tractor, i managed to get the pump out without removing the controllever for the PTOshaft, but it might be a good idea, it shure was something that got me mad. but it helps to be able to move it back and forth to…

i perhaps did it the wrong way with another thing to…

when i removed the pump, i got the splitpin and the “front coupling collar” loose with the pump still in place, and managed to wedge the pump out, it was much easier the other way around when i tried to reinstall the pump, first i did it the way i had removed it, but changed tactics, put the frontcoupling collar in place, aswell as the split pin, and “just lifted the pump down” so try removing it first without loosening that.

MF35 hydraulics (8)

MF35 hydraulics (7)

what i missed to remove, loosen these three and you will be able to move the whole shaft backwards, nothing i would have found if not for the Service-manual, and even then i had trouble figuring it out.
MF35 hydraulics (2)

missed to take some pictures, this is the pump put together, i removed the filter, and fixed the controlvalve spring witch has rusted away, and the snapring supposed to keep it in place i couldnt even find. i reused the broken controlvalve spring, got a new snapring and assembled it, about 1/4th of the spring lenght was broken/rusted of, but the controlvalve had quite a lot of push anyhow when i testfitted it and i was certain that it would work anyway.

MF35 hydraulics (3) MF35 hydraulics (4)

to the right you can see the part of the spring that broke of, a little to the right you can see the hole where the snapring holds the spring in place, with a little extra help from a washer i got in there…

MF35 hydraulics (5)

a little extra sealant, according to the Servicemanual, one is supposed to get the PTO shaft, and front coupler in place of the hydraulic pump before getting these in, and to start with the left, (witch has a larger hole to help with alignment)

MF35 hydraulics (6)

go in from the sides of the housing and keeps the pump from rotating.

MF35 hydraulics (9)

picture from above, everything in place

MF35 hydraulics (10)

just to lift in place, get the arms on the right side of the lever that moves the Controlvalve (doable if it is lifted in aslong as you dont have any bolts in place…

at the far left of the cover in the picture above is a nut that holds the spring thingy, this moved under the edge of the housing and was the only thing that hindered me from lifting the cover of, figured it out, moved the cover 1.5cm back, and straight up….

mf35 arms (1)

mf35 arms (2)

these arms took some time to fix, many years standing still, and decades without maintance, the was rusted stuck, sledges, blowtorches and loads of sweat they were loose, and i could lift the cover, upon assembly i took the time to acctualy get the mechanism to work aswell as the arms moving freely.


problem, sticking implement that wouldnt lower:
a transmissioncase full of water got the snapring and spring so rusty they broke of, without them in place, the arms will not lower.

today the tractor was started and roled out of the workshop by its own, with perfectly working implement…

leave a comment if you have any questions or any extra information that i might have missed..



103 thoughts on “Removing hydraulic pump MF35, sticking implement, controlvalve problem”

  1. Please
    Would you be so kind as to send the Link to workshop manual; I also have problems with hydraulics not working.

  2. Im having issues with my 3 point hitch not working. Took cover off, had everything looked at under the cover and fixed. Started tractor after putting it back on and moved levers around and nothing.

  3. Hello from Australia!
    I have four MF tractors (all diesels) here and am about to begin restoring or refurbishing. Two – a 35 & a 135 – were my late father’s when we were dairy-farming whilst I was growing up. Another is a MF40 loader I bought about five years ago, put liner kits in the 3Cyl Perkins diesel, repaired a couple hydraulic problems, brakes and minor leaks – reliable as the morning sun, just like our 135 – I use them both frequently. The fourth is my best mate’s 35 copperbelly – 1956 model – engine runs well, but needs tractor more work yet. Dad’s 35 needs total restoration job (has not been used for 30 years) but it was his first tractor, and will be looking like new one day soon. Lots of fond memories from hundreds of hours on those two!
    We must have a couple common interests, because I’ve worked for over 20 years on MBs, own several, of which three are family daily-drivers.
    I will spend some time reading your site – looks very interesting.
    Would you be so kind as to send me a link as well? Then I will at least have some settings and other specifications to refer to.
    Cheers, and thank you.

    1. Sounds like fun projects, and most certainly i will send you the documents, or rather a link for you to download them (to big for common email attachments)

      If you would like to you could always either send me pictures and information and i will put it up here for you, or if you feel like it, id make you an account for you to post yourself :)

      I mostly fix with old Mercedes-Benzes and found quite a lot of knowledge to be missing online for my inquieries, and thus created this site.
      It has spilled over to old MF tractors, aswell as old Volvo trucks. so it is more of a “what i am fixing with right now site”


  4. hello ,you discribed my exact problem . my arms will not go down. can you provide a copy of said manual or a link to it thank you

  5. Thank you so much very informative really helped me out! Could you email me the shop manual? Thanks

  6. I would be very appreciative of the shop manual. I’ve been to the local Massey Ferguson dealer, they advised that “part out” my old ’55” Greenbelly”. I have time to work on the old tractor plus ir gives me something to do in retirement.

    1. That would be sad, dont part it out :/ email sent, and hopefully you will get her/it up and running :)
      And that sounds like a pretty good thing to do during the retirement :)

      best of luck

  7. Hi Linus , great pictures . Could you please send on the link for the manual . Keep up the good work . Thanks

    1. Email on its way, went throu about 500 posts with spam here, and found yours and others somewhere in the middle, so sorry about the delay.
      Hopefully the “math captcha” will solve the spam-problem in the future.

      1. That manual could be very handy to me. My hydraulic was working fine with all my implements but lately it won’t lift heavier one’s all the way brush hog and discs but it will lift the lighter ones no problem box blade scraper blade the oil looks kinda milky any advice and the link would be greatly appreciated thank you

      1. Sorry about delay, had to go throu 5000shitty comments about viagra, dick enlargements and other crap.
        Email sent

  8. Thank you SOOO much for your pics and explanation of this. I have a ’59 MF35 and would love a copy of the manual. I’m trying to diagnose an issue with my standpipe. Thanks!

    1. Sorry about delay, had to go throu 5000shitty comments about viagra, dick enlargements and other crap.
      Email sent

    1. Sorry about delay, had to go throu 5000shitty comments about viagra, dick enlargements and other crap.
      Email sent

    1. Sorry about delay, had to go throu 5000shitty comments about viagra, dick enlargements and other crap.
      Email sent

  9. omg please send me a link to the manual, been fighting the hydraulics for weeks on a 1958 mf 35 with no luck not even any help from dealer go up wont go down..

    1. Sorry about delay, had to go throu 5000shitty comments about viagra, dick enlargements and other crap.
      Email sent

    1. Sorry about delay, had to go throu 5000shitty comments about viagra, dick enlargements and other crap.
      Email sent

  10. G’Day Linus. I am currently trying to sort out some hydraulic problems on my 175 MF with a robot FEL attached. FEL works fine but the three point linkage levers will not work, the arms ift when the tractor starts and slowly settle when its off, for a while I could get it to lower by moving the splitter valve on top of the pump housing but not now. I have taken the cover off and the remotes seem to move the different vaves etc. I would also like to get the Maultipower working again as well. Any help/manuals would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Bert, Australia

  11. I need the manual too please Linus, thanks for all your effort – also have lift problem, Thank you

  12. The control lever seems to work backwards on my MF35 after replacing hydraulic cylinder. Would you send me a link to the manual?

  13. Hi Linus
    I have a 1957 4 cylinder diesel MF35. I found your comments very useful. You might send me the manual as I have done the engine cylinder, piston rings and clutch but I need to tackle the hydraulics so I feel I need the manual to help me with this. Thanking you in anticipation. Pat Keehan Limerick Ireland 17/05/2020.

  14. Looking for manual for MF35. Looks like hydraulic pump will have to come out for repair due to very slow and ‘pulsing’ implement lift.

  15. Hi there I was also wondering if i could get a maintenance manual for the 35. Cheers from Quebec Canada.

  16. Our tractor is missing intake screen assembly and I am trying to figure out where pump sucks in oil. I would very appreciate manual too please.

  17. Great article about the hydraulic system on the MF35. I’m having a similar issue with my own grandad’s 35. :)
    It runs fine but you really need that lift to get anything done!
    I’d love a copy of the manual.

  18. I have an MF 135 with hydraulic issues which I think I fixed but, when removing the diverter valve for the second time (I made a mistake and had to remove the cover a second time, don’t ask) a small piece seemed to fall off but I don’t recognise it and can’t seem to see where it would go. I have two photos in google, the first is the top of the diverter and the second if the underside and the confusing piece. If you know what this is or even if it is part of the valve and didn’t fall off something else that would be a great help.

  19. Hi Linus
    Good information on your MF35. My hydraulic problem seems similar.
    Please send email. Thanks.

  20. Hi
    My MF35 hydraulics when oil heats up does not lift when I switch off drops straight away may I please have a copy of manual.

  21. Thanks for your information and communication. I’m having the same problem and would love to have the manual. Thanks for your help and feedback. Blockerxxxxx@ Gmail com (hidden email by admin)

    1. Link sent, if you are having another solution, or grabbing pictures that would benefit others to know il gladly post them here

    1. Link sent, if you are having another solution, or grabbing pictures that would benefit others to know il gladly post them here

  22. my to35 Massey Ferguson farm tractor my hydraulic pump is not being driven, I must but into gear before it works .I have adjusted clutch to 85, can start tractor with pump removed, can fell a shaft in trans turn, BUT the coupler doesn’t, is there a shear pin or something.??

    1. hmm, not entirely shure what the issue is, or how it relates, i think mine works as it is, regardless if its in gear or not.
      il email you the manual and you can have a look.

  23. Hi Linus, I have just removed and replaced the hydraulic pump on my MF35X after it got stuck in the up position and would not respond to the quadrant levers. At first it was working smoothly and well although it seemed to be a little slower in raising than I remembered. I tried to use a small ripper in soft soil to remove some bamboo roots and I heard a crack and the hydraulics stopped working again although this time there was no sound of the relief valve cracking open like before. When I removed the top cover I found the hydraulic ram cylinder was slightly detached from the top cover t, the rear two studs were broken and on of the control linkages was detatched from the bracket assembly. I will try to upload some photos, but not sure how. PLease advise? A link to the manual would be appreciated. Thanks.Rob

  24. Hi! Troubleshooting the hydraulics as well. It seems to work, but there are some issues with the controls. Link to service manual would be really helpful!

  25. HI. i have a problem with the hydraulics on my 35. A link to the manual would be appreciated. thanks Hroar.

  26. Al requests for manuals have been answered this far.
    if any of you have photos or another fix for MF35, please post a comment, and il update/add it to the website if it can help others aswell

  27. Preparing to remove hydraulic pump on my MF 35/201… Would you please send me a link to the manual. Thank you.

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