rimoptions for w123 17″ and 18″ etc




1234001602 14inch 6inch wide

6″ wide 14 inch w123 original rim 6Jx14H2




1234001002 15″ Steel w123 rim 5.5inch wide


ATS 7jx15 e23

ATS Bundts/barocke 15″ ET23

Melber 15inch penta

Melber 15″ penta  7inch wide ET24


Stilauto Penta 15 inch 7inch wide
KBA41585 ET35  7Jx15

1244010902 gullideckel (1) 1244010902 gullideckel (2)

15″ gullideckel 15 hole
1244010902 7Jx15H2

15″ Gullideckel 15 hole
1244001802  6.5x15H2 ET49


c124 1244011302 1244011302 15inch

15inch 8 hole
1244011302 15″ 7Jx15 ET41



KBA44391 ROD 7jx15h2 ROD ET35
15″ 7″ wide ET35




KBA43738 KFZ9905 7jx16h2 196A2 ET33

16″ steel 7″ wide ET33



1294000202 Südrad 8jx16h2 SRD161   501

16″ steel 8″ wide ET35


16inch penta e11

16inch penta et11
P1600 made in brittain e11 Penta

1244011402 16inch

1244011402 8hole 16 inch

16″ 8″ wide ET34

16inch 5hole amg

16″ 7.5″ wide ET 35 AMG penta

1404011002 rim w140 16inch (1) 1404011002 rim w140 16inch (2)

16″ 7.5 inch wide ET51
1404011002 stock sparewheel w140 500SE


16″ 7.5 inch wide ET41

Special: A2114014302 and A2204010002


The rims above and below, both 7 holes, and some times misstaken,
both are 16″ 7.5″ wide, the left w220 rim having an ET of 46 where the right w211 has an ET of 41, the right side is flatter than the right, and the left w220 rim is polished, whereas the right is regular silver. both very light.


16″ 7.5 inch wide ET46





R129 rims with somewhat of a fuchs look, supposedly found on the SL500 and SL600 in early years if my info was correct, never seen before today.
has a stamped 1294011202 number
17″ and 8 1/4″ wide, 8.25″ wide, ET/offset is 34


5hole 17inch w123 17inch rims

17″ 8″ wide 5hole 17inch


KBA43991 DTM7 7.5Jx17h2

17″ 7.5″ ET35

Rims on the w201 3.0 turbo


17″ 8.5″ ET39



1244010424 15″ hubcap



1244010924 15″ hubcap with chromelist


1404010024 16″ hubcap with chromelist

12 thoughts on “Rims and hubcaps”

  1. Hi, I’m looking for four 15″ hubcaps for Mercedes 190e with chrome. Do you have any in stock. Kevin

    1. Are you talking about the 1244010924 above that is 15″ or the 16″ 1404010024 also above?

      i have them both, but no plan to sell.
      those are plastic with a chromelist around the outer edge.

      or are you talking about the 15″ hubcap in stainless steel found on the w115, w123 and w100 etc?
      i might sell the plastic ones with chromepart, but shipping would probably kill it for you, i havent found any good option to send packages from Sweden to USA for example,
      The w123 etc hubcaps are not for sale unfortunately, got a few, but those are for future projects.

  2. First, let s clarify terms. Rim is a slang term, and a rim is actually a wheel. As in, the wheels of the car – the part that bolts to the hub and that you put tires on.

    1. nothing i have for sale unfortunately.
      they exist in both 5.5, 6 and 6.5″ wide versions, with your engine and model, id aim for atleast the 6″ version, the 5.5 is what you normaly find for sale.

    1. I dont have any 15″ steelrims for sale for the w123/w115/w114 unfortunately, your best option would probably be Ebay or alike

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