w123 om606 HX40 8mm Mynä

List of different rims:

Aluminium rims:

15″ ET35 7″ wide ALU rims did NOT work on my w123 in the front, but works on a w115, (had to use 1cm spacer on the w123, 5mm wasnt enough) so 15″ ET25 is the highest ET front for a w123

16″ ET35 7.5 wide ALU w124 rims did NOT work for me, pushed against the tierod

17″ ET35 8inch wide rims did work good, tierod clearence was tight, but worked out just fine, despite the wheels being wide and large i havent run into any problem this far even thou the car is slightly lowered with H&R springs.

17" rims w123 tierod clearence

tierod clearence with 17″ rims 8″ wide, the 7.5 inch wide in same dimension and ET works perfect.

17" rims w123

car not moved back and forth anything after being lowered down, so it “stands” a tad higher than normal due to that.

2012-12-25 22.58.36-3

16″ MB, 18″ oxxo, 15″ chromed bundts w126, 15″ ATS bundts

2012-11-02 17.10.42

18″ Oxxo with spacers




18″ amg monoblock on a w123 I dont know if it is replicas or oem


15″ Melbers ET25 KBA 41158, same size + offset as the 15″ bundts, and fits just as good


16 8inch wide  and 17 inch 7inch wide in front

11 thoughts on “16,17 and 18 inch rims w123, rimoptions”

  1. I love the rims. will a 22″ rim fit on this car? I have a w123 200d and i want to fit a 20″ or 22″ with a low profile tire. is this possible?

    1. it al depends on the width and ET of the rims+ size of tires, 225/45r18 worked i think, if you keep the same size you should be good, = 225/25r20 or something, i dont know..
      but going larger than that will probably result in problems, especially if you are going to lower it to. probably have to massage the fender, and you wont get full stearing angle, no drifting for you ;) althou a 200d isnt much to use for that anyway :-)

      1. huh? what?

        they are lower than stock, and not al are mine.
        i enjoy driving, but some cars are for drifting/drag and some are for daily driving where i run 195/65r15. a huge difference compared to eachother, but different uses. doing 30mph over a speedbump smooth as hell is usefull, aswell as good cornering other times.

  2. Looking for 2 17″ x 8.5 to 9 inch width, 54 mm offset for my 2009 C63 for drag racing slicks. Any idea where I can obtain? Thanks

  3. I have w123 230C and i want to bye Oz AMG EARO 3 8.5×17 et 17 10×17 et18 I need to know if this fitt and the maximum Tires i can use

    1. ET35 8×17 sits quite close to the fenders on a w123, not much room extra.
      if you go 8.5×17 ET18, your wheel will build quite a bit further out, you might clear the inside tierod, but just barely depending on the layout of the rim.
      you would definetly need to roll the fenders in the front with that width.

      10″ wide might work in the rear, no idea about offset thou.
      Its also dependant on how low your car sits.

  4. Hi, I want to buy some rims 7j16 ET35 for my W123. Do you think they will fit? or should I use some kind of spacers? if so, how thick?

    1. you need spacers to give you an ET of 25 for those to work, ET35 7″ doesnt work if they are aluminium rims, ive tried 5mm spacers without success, you would problably have to get about 10mm spacers for those rims
      if they are steelrims it might work, you could perhaps be able to work with ET30 depending on how the rim is designed/constructed.

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