The oilpressure warning light started to flicker.
Tried an oil-cleaner-additive to flush it out, no success, but rather more oilpressure problems.

Removed the oilpan to see if the famous oil-sludge issue was the problem.
The whole engine and oilpan had a thick black coating of oilsludge/oilresidues.

The filter for the oilpump was badly clogged and you could understand why it had problems maintaining the oilpressure.

After cleaning first with diesel and then with a hot-water preassurewasher most or al of the residue was gone.
Mounted back together and got it running good.

This was a Saab 9-3 from 2001 with the 2.0 turbo engine.

To remove the oilpan i had to remove the downpipe and exhaust, aswell as loosen the subframe and pressing it downwards
The subframe was completely loose besides one screw of the cars left side and the very far back, with crowbars i managed to press it down enough to remove and get the oilpan back up again.


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