Scania R143H

First look/testdrive of the Scania, leaking manifold, leaking air, a couple of 100kgs extra with gravel dirt and dust both inside and outside of cabin.
But loads of torque and drove nice


Previous owner was a blaster/driller of mountain/stone, and hauled big equipment, dirty, oily and greasy, along with heaploads of stone-dust around the truck, the amount of gunk was crazy.

Had a lot of help from the guys at and their products, both detergents, foam, and chalk-removers was used in various combinations, aswell as fly-rust removers.

Wheels painted, hubs/brakes painted, tank welded and painted and new front-bumper painted and will be mounted.

The engine is a 14liter 450hp v8, had a manifold leak and bad rings from the start, but nowadays run quiet and smooth. 

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