s123 touring om605 722.6

looking to upgrade the swaybar of the w123

stock front swaybar is the same on sedan and coupe where the touring is supposed to be a mm thicker saw 25mm vs 26mm somewhere.

some people claim the Lang w123 has a thicker swaybar, but when looking that up in the EPC, A123 326 4565 can be found on al cars, tourings, sedans aswell as 300d lang version (123.132)

swaybar w123

apparently 15mm swaybars was used on SLS vehicles with the extra heavy duty option, but so far, only rumors.

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  1. Hi, the anti sway bar from a w123 station wagen is 25mm which is 1mm thicket then a w123 saloon. The rear anti sway bar is 12mm for all the w123 models.
    If you get your local automotive spring shop to make up a new anti sway bar for the rear out of 17mm. You will need to open up the rubber supports to suit and bolt it in place. The difference is very noticeable and it feels like a modern car. No longer does the front corner dive down when you turn hard. Best choice of tyre is 225 55 17 on a rim with 25mm offset. Check all the suspension rubbers and ball joints for play and replace if necessary. Peter

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