s124 om606 turbo

We have a s124 that now is equipped with a om606.912 engine and a manual transmission the 717.433
It is supposed to be used as something of a daily, and would benefit from some more power.

removed the oilpan from the om606NA after a bit of struggle, we first lifted the engine at both the rear and front, but when we dropped the transmission down a few centimeters, and only lifted the engine at the front we had enough clearence to get the oilpan out.
in hindsight we never needed to drop the gearbox, just lifting at the gave enough clearence to install the oilpan back on.

The old oilpan had been removed previously and they have used to much liquid gasket enough to drop into the oilpan and end up in the oilpumps “filter” had already removed some of the gunk before taking that photo above


Removed the liquid gasket residue

Removed the intake and stumbled upon lot of residue/gunk from the EGR and crankcase ventilation.

A lot more than i had expected, the EGR carbon buildup seems to be somewhat even (from what i could tell, but the oil-sludge gunk from the crankcase ventilation was a lot worse in the middle part of the engine, whereas cylinder 1 and 6 seemed to mostly have the EGRs carbon buildup.

The intake looked horrible, and the intake-manfold was the same



Quite a lot of gunk

Picture of the edges of the manifold, a lot less oily and mostly carbon, that clean area problably had a big shunk of carbon that dropped of into the engine. not that nice.

Drilled holes in the block for the stock return line salvaged from a om606.962

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