Visited Brandtab in Grästorp to buy a driveshaft for the GS6-37DZ gearbox with the 105mm flexdisc bought from

Brandtab had a shaft for a good price, and also offered us a quick walkthrou of the facilites, we discussed the possibility to mod in a e46 or e36 hub in a w201 with the help of a Reanult Traffic wheelbearing.

We also looked at the size of different BMW gearboxes, the GS6-53DZ, the GS6-37DZ and the GS5-39DZ.

The size difference wasnt that big, between the shortest of them the GS5-39DZ and the longest GS6-53DZ there was about 10cm in difference to the flange/yoke.
the GS6-37DZ was somewhere in the middle, but a tad closer to the fivespeed GS5-39DZ.

Planning to fit a BMW gearbox to the 606 8mm Mynä equipped w123 we are quite torn between what gearbox to choose, its between the 37DZ and the 53DZ, both requiring modification of the tunnel, but if we mod it, we might aswell go for the bigger stronger gearbox.

Nice meeting Kristoffer at Brandtab, and looking at his projects.



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