8 thoughts on “om617 88bhp and bmw 525d turbo”

    1. still holding up, been standing still for a long time now thou due to other cars driven, but last time worked perfectly, heaploads of torque out of the turboed om617, looking for the fifth gear even thou it has a fourspeed manual and a 2.65LSD differential

  1. I am doing the same with a w114 coupe
    om617 N/A

    my problem the oil house doesn’t fit in the front left (i have an adapterplate)
    the power-steering pomp is in the the way..
    does your car has a power steering pump?

    1. nope, no powersteering on this w115, it is a tad heavy to move about, are you shure you cant fit the oilfilterhouse there?

  2. Dear Sir,
    Let me introduce myself.
    My name is Sailesh Chander and I live in Malaysia. I have just bought a Mercedes 300GD om617 NA which has been overhauled very well. The car wwas built in 1989
    I admire your work and would be grateful if you could answer my question:

    > I plan to turbocharge it by putting a rear end turbo as there is a lot of space under the car. I read on one of your articles that you turbocharged a om617NA without adjusting the M pump. Am I right? If possible I don’t want to touch the M pump.
    > What boost did you use ? I plan 0.6 bar or 7PSI.
    Would love to hear from you.
    Best Regards

    1. Hello Sailesh

      You plan on putting a turbo at the rear of the car/exhaust? its a solution, althou not that efficient, and will provide a lot of lag.

      yes, got a BMW turbo from a 525dieselturbo fitted to a om617, the pump is slightly dialed up by previous owner it seems, and the turbo after rewelding adapter and getting the hoses to seal properly it boosted about 1.5bar,
      your goal of 0.6 bar seems a lot better, and as long as your engine is healthy and you dont abuse the engine it ought to work in my opinion, althou, the NA om61x engines isnt the best for turbo, they are durable and the turbo will provide a lot more torque down low. (depending on sizing)
      got friends that has turboed om615 engines to with improved power and so far no durability issue.

      1. Dear Linus,
        Thank you for your info. Really appreciate it. Actually the turbo location is not really at the end but under the driver’s position. So it is 1 m extra from the standard intake manifold
        So as a conclusion: I will not need to touch my pump if I plan to run 0.6 bar boost. The turbo may not be so big so I do not expect lag.

        Basically I am a technician with a turbo machinery company and I understand that I must not get the EGTs too high (i.e by adding a intercooler) and reducing the shock on the pistons (by keeping boost down). This should keep my engine happy and healthy.
        Thank you

  3. Dear Linus,
    Happy 2017. By the way would you be able to advise how much boost one can apply without adjusting the M Pump (for adding more fuel), until you see no more increase in power ? 0.8 bar gauge boost perhaps ?
    I ask this because I do not intend to increase the fuel injection rate of my current M pump.
    Also, what would you expect the hp of your W115 OM617NA to be?

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